The Value of a Roof Deck in Urban Real Estate

Citizens of major urban centers all over North America have embraced the value of rooftop decks, but perhaps none more so than Baltimoreans. Whether the view is of the city skyline or the harbor, rooftop decks are an extension of the home and contribute to its overall value, although harbor views will always contribute a significantly higher value.

Even in communities that are not traditionally known for skyline or water views, rooftop decks have become a valued commodity. For example, the Rivercrossing Townhome community in Logan Utah distinguished itself by adding the element of rooftop decks and automatically increased the square footage of the home by incorporating outdoor living space. (download “Creating Value in Real Estate and Quality of Life”)

The Baltimore Sun recently published an article on the topic of rooftop decks and a local real estate agent is quoted as claiming that rooftop decks with a harbor view could add $100,000 to the value of a house, and even a partial harbor view could add $50,000. While not every urban center can expect an increased value with roof decks to that extreme, construction professionals estimate that a roof deck adds at least $5,000 to a home’s appraisal, and often more. But the real value to the homeowner is certainly subjective based on how much they actually use deck.

That brings us to one of the factors to consider in adding a rooftop deck to your home – the convenience factor. While new builds often take into consideration that a rooftop deck needs to be easily accessed from the inside of the house, sometimes rooftop deck additions can only be accessed from pre-existing lower level decks. On average, most residential roof decks will be used much more when they can be accessed directly from inside the home.

A more critical factor  to consider when adding a rooftop deck is the waterproofing. When a deck is over living space, it is critical that the waterproofing performs and protects the entire home from water damage. Products like Duradek Ultra vinyl membranes that are ICC approved as a roofing membrane can provide warrantied waterproof protection. Additionally, finishing your rooftop deck with a Duradek vinyl membrane means that you do not have to worry about any annual maintenance like sanding, staining or painting. Once the Duradek vinyl membrane is installed, all you need to do on your rooftop deck is enjoy it.

(View the Baltimore Sun’s photo gallery of Rooftop Decks – note #14 is a Duradek deck….and requires WAY less maintenance than the many wood deck images showing fading, unprotected wood.)

Roof deck by Duradek at EYA's Monument Place
Roof deck by Duradek MidAtlantic at Monument Place.

Duradek is available through a network of authorized dealers all across North America. If you are in the Baltimore area and would like to discuss building or resurfacing your rooftop deck, contact Duradek MidAtlantic for a free estimate.

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