Trex Composite Decking Customers need to Check for Broken Deck Boards

Composite decking is such a great product in theory, but the reality of its performance has repeatedly left many of its customers disappointed, frustrated and out of pocket.

The Wall Street Journal’s website posted a press release on July 9th with an update from Trex Company, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing products. Trex is once again notifying consumers in 16 states who may have purchased defective Trex decking product that results in excessive surface flaking.

Screen Shot of the Wall Street Journal's
Screen Shot of the Wall Street Journal’s

Previously, Trex announced that a small percentage of boards manufactured at their Nevada plant between 2002 and 2007 suffered from surface flaking due to a manufacturing problem. Now, not only is it alarming for composite deck owners to hear that this notification is happening again, but the reason for the reminder notice is even more disturbing. Claims are starting to come in where badly flaking deck boards that had not yet been replaced have broken. This takes a frustrating appearance issue and elevates it to a potential safety issue. Is the price of composite decking really worth the cost?

Screen Shot - Google Search: Composite Decking Problems
Screen Shot – Google Search: Composite Decking Problems

Trex customers who have the flaking composite boards on their deck are encouraged to contact the company to receive replacement materials by participating in their established replacement program. While the fact that an ‘established replacement program’ was required in the first place does not instil much confidence in the product, it was likely established after the 2010 Class Action settlement was approved. (As of January 9th, 2013 legal firm Seeger Weiss LLP was also investigating claims for a class action suit against Trex).  The 2010 class action settlement provides a comprehensive replacement program under the terms of which provide replacement materials for the flaking composite deck boards…but only a portion of the labor. That’s right….the homeowners are stuck paying for a portion of replacing the defective product.

Here are a couple of forums on the topic of Trex. It is very interesting to see the range of comments from both contractors and homeowners that span from 2009 to 2013. Check out these real world comments and decide for yourself if it would be your decking product of choice. 


Choose a Low Maintenance Decking Product You Can Rely On – Duradek Vinyl Deck Membranes

A deck protected with Duradek Ultra Cork Natural membrane
A deck protected with Duradek Ultra Cork Natural membrane

There are other reliable and time-tested ways to enjoy a low maintenance deck. Duradek vinyl deck membranes have been successfully waterproofing decks and balconies in all North American climates for nearly 40 years. The leader in PVC waterproofing, Duradek has watched many manufacturers over the years put a product out on the market that has not been able to live up to its claims in the long term. Sometimes the manufacturing technology simply does not yet exist to meet the ideal criteria, and this has been seen from some vinyl membrane manufacturers as well.

Invest your deck building or renovating dollars with a product that has a proven performance history. For a low maintenance, waterproof deck surface that has repeatedly proven that it exceeds its performance guarantees through multiple warranty cycles, choose Duradek for your deck or roof deck needs.


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