Single Source Deck And Railing Solution

A single source deck and railing solution starts with the right contractor and ends with a professionally finished job covered by convenient warranty protection.

You don’t let your dentist work on your eyes, a plumber fix your car, or the butcher install your Duradek vinyl decking… So, why allow the railings on your waterproof outdoor living space to be installed by someone who is not a qualified waterproofing contractor?

To protect the integrity of your new waterproof vinyl outdoor living space, you need to consider how the railings will be installed.

wood rot on deck from waterproofing failure at railing

Railings that are incorrectly installed can result in major water damage causing mold, rot, and deterioration that can be very expensive to repair.

Discover the Duradek™ + Durarail™ Difference

When completing your outdoor living space, requesting that your Duradek authorized applicator also attach the railings helps to ensure a successful waterproof installation. There are several mounting options that will offer complete, long-term waterproofing and nearly limitless railing styles to choose from.

Railing Mount Options

There are often Good, Better, and Best options when it comes to construction projects, and railing installation is no different. Your Duradek contractor will recommend the best option for your space and budget.

Good Option – Surface Mounted with Caulked Screws

Surface mounted railings on vinyl deck

Screw chases are filled with caulking to seal points of waterproofing vulnerability. It is the least expensive option but requires regular yearly inspection of the caulking to ensure it is still intact and waterproofing that point of entry.

Better Option – Surface Mounted with Raised Base Plates

pedestal mounted aluminum railings

Pedestals are covered in the same vinyl as the rest of the deck surface, so they blend in and are hardly noticeable. Water won’t settle where the screws secure into posts – a point of waterproofing vulnerability.

pedestal mounted railing post example

In this close-up example, we’ve covered the pedestal in a different color to demonstrate its application. You can see how the extra height provides clearance underneath the railing for easy cleaning.

Best Option – Fascia Mounted

fascia mounted balcony railing

Attaches to the side of the deck, maximizing deck surface area.
The deck membrane is not penetrated by hardware, keeping it water-tight.

Single-Source Deck & Railing Warranty Protection

With Duradek™ + Durarail™, you gain the benefit of a single-source for warranty protection. Coverage for the entire outdoor living space is from one contractor, rather than multiple warranty sources.

This also eliminates the possibility of a different railing contractor compromising the waterproofing integrity of your Duradek vinyl deck or having multiple contractors blaming each other should there be a waterproofing failure.

It is not uncommon for several tradesmen to be working on one project, but by keeping your decking items with one contractor, you reduce communication needs and timelines. You often have the added advantage of specialized knowledge of superior products and installation nuances.

Protect your investment by having your Authorized Duradek Applicator complete your Duradek outdoor living space with Durarail railings.

Building a deck adding railings
Help ensure the waterproof integrity of your newly installed vinyl deck or balcony by having the railings installed by the same waterproof decking contractor.

Download the PDF version of this Single-Source information.

For more information on our warranties see our vinyl decking warranty and railing warranty pages.

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