Roof Deck Waterproofing Talk with the ‘Cajun Contractor’ and Duradek Vinyl Expert

Homeowners looking for advice on home improvement or renovation projects can be well served by turning to home improvement experts in the media for some direction and insight. While reality TV certainly catches our eyes, we can listen to a consistently excellent resource for home improvement advice on talk radio.

This Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. PST (3pm – 6pm CST | 4pm – 7pm EST) Duradek’s waterproofing solutions are featured when the Cajun Contractor interview’s Duradek Sales Manager, Kevin MacMillan.

Kevin will assist with helping homeowners understand what Duradek vinyl deck membrane really is – a Walkable Roofing Membrane.

Essentially, any deck or balcony that is over living space, such as a flat roof top deck or a deck over a garage or carport needs a roofing membrane to protect the space below from the elements. In the simplest terms, Duradek is a roofing membrane that you can walk on.

For Home Owners Who Want a Reliably Waterproofed, Maintenance Free Deck

Duradek handles the building code requirements of a roofing membrane, and at the same time, provides a durable, slip-resistant walking surface. This makes Duradek the ideal waterproofing solution for all types of decks, balconies, roof decks and terraces.

Unlike traditional roofing membranes like black rubber or tar based products applied with a torch that need an additional product to provide the walking surface, Duradek does both jobs with a single application (that does not require open flame on the job site).

Duradek vinyl decking color selection waterfall
Duradek has the best selection of deck vinyl styles in the industry.

The bonus is that Duradek’s functional duality of roofing membrane and wear surface is provided with a really attractive looking product. Duradek comes in over 20 color/pattern options so virtually any exterior design scheme can be complemented by Duradek’s exception stylings.

While Duradek is a very attractive, simple solution for deck waterproofing, it is the actual waterproofing performance that makes Duradek the most desirable option for residential decking projects. For homeowners that prefer an alternate wear surface and don’t mind paying the extra cost for an additional wear surface, Duradek has the waterproofing solution for those deck finishes as well.

For Home Owners Who Want the Look of Wood or Pavers on their Deck

For home owners that prefer the look of wood, composite or pavers, Duradek offers the Plazadek floating deck system. Plazadek is our time-proven waterproofing membrane that can be installed by the same techniques as Duradek by our trained, professional installers. Then using a pedestal or floating system, wood duck boards or pavers can be laid over top.

For Home Owners Who Want the Look of Tile on their Deck

If tile is the preferred finish for outdoor spaces, Duradek has adapted it’s high-performing waterproof membrane with a geo-textured surface for best adhesion of thinset mortar for outdoor tile applications. This product, Tiledek waterproof tile underlayment, comes with the same 10 year waterproofing warranty of our regular Duradek membrane and installed by the same trained professional installers.

Listen to Deck Waterproofing Advice Live

To listen to Home Talk USA and the Cajun Contractor interview Duradek’s Kevin MacMillan live, go to on Saturday, March 18, 2017 1pm – 4:00 pm PST | 3pm – 6pm CST | 4pm – 7pm EST. Look to the top right where it says “Listen Live.”

Home Talk USA is a weekly, nationally syndicated, home improvement, self-help education and consumer protection radio program. The show is hosted by licensed general contractor, Michael King “the Cajun Contractor”, and it is broadcast by 150 radio affiliates in all 50 dates – and of course available online.

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