Duradek Rated a Hot Product for the Hot Season by Professional Deck Builder

Duradek is highlighted as a “Hot Product” for the hot summer season in Professional Deck Builder Magazine. While in the midst of peak season for decking professionals, we are happy that these skilled specialty tradesmen are learning that Duradek is the ideal solution for many decking projects from ground level patios to flat roof decks over living space.

Professional Deck Builder Magazine distributed a newsletter this month that highlighted Duradek as one of the best products to choose from in a marketplace crowded with new products.


Duradek - A "Hot Product" in Professional Deck Builder
Duradek – A “Hot Product” in Professional Deck Builder


Additionally, Professional Deck Builder online currently has Duradek featured in the Product | Material category with Duradek Ultra PVC Membranes; and in the Design and Construction category Duradek is included twice in Decking Moisture Management. Once for Duradek Ultra and once for Ultra Tiledek, both recognized as superior solutions for moisture management for decking projects alongside an article link entitled “Keeping Water Out of Decks”. This is the perfect spot for building professionals to locate information on Duradek and discover what makes Duradek stand out from other comparable products. As the article states, good details are “paramount to the longevity of decks and the houses they are attached to.”

Duradek professionals often see how a quality deck could have had a much longer life and unnecessary repairs could have been avoided had proper flashing details been given the attention they really need. This is one small example of why Duradek is only available through a network of professionals who have been trained in the intricacies of deck waterproofing. No matter how great a product is, if it has not been installed properly it will not be guaranteed to perform as intended. With these trained installers, Duradek is confident in offering a 10 year warranty on their waterproofing membrane (while contractor workmanship warranties remain as a separate warranty).

For a specialty skill like deck building and waterproofing it is important to turn to both a product and a professional you can trust. If you are a decking professional, you may want to considered adding Duradek and its strong 40 year performance history to your product offerings. Or if you have a decking project  that includes a roof deck, you may want to contact a Duradek Dealer in your area to take care of the moisture management aspect of your decking projects.



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