Caldek Continues to Hold Consumer Choice Award Title in Decking Category

Caldek Sundeck Systems, Calgary’s exclusive Duradek dealer and multi-year Consumer Choice Award winner once again takes the title of best in category for Patios and Decks with Consumer Choice Awards. Caldek’s level of quality service and experience brings the professionalism that is a great example of the type of contractors that are selected as authorized Duradek dealers.

Caldek has been a provider of deck building and renovation services in Calgary since the late 1980’s. The recognition this award title brings to them in their category of Best in Patios and Decks is due to Caldek’s excellent service and experience in addition to the strong and reliable brand recognition of Duradek vinyl deck membranes. For 40 years, Duradek has been reliably protecting balconies, patios and roof decks, earning Duradek the recognition as a brand that homeowners can trust. To find a Duradek installer in your area, check out our page.

If you are in the Calgary area, you can meet the good folks at Caldek Sundeck Systems on September 19th – 22nd at the Calgary Home and Design Show. Take this great opportunity to talk to the decking and waterproofing specialists at Caldek about your deck building or deck renovating options.

How Consumer Choice Awards Works

consChoiceAwardConsumer Choice Awards is a reliable voice for the opinions, perceptions and expectations of the Canadian marketplace. Established in 1987, Consumer Choice Awards selects their recipients through the responses of thousands of consumers and businesses.

All research is done at arm’s length exclusively by third-party research firm Lazier Marketing, a Canadian owned, independent market research firm. They use scientific methodology with statistically accurate market research. There is no panel of judges to limit the number of companies to be considered or subjectively be influenced and there are no ballot boxes that can be stuffed by family and friends. Companies are chosen through an objective and accurate reflection of the marketplace which is achieved by selecting a cross-section of the top small to medium-sized businesses in the business and construction industry.

Consumer Choice Award recipients are considered to be a reliable choice when making a purchase decision where it is important to minimize risk due to high cost or unfamiliarity with the service you require.

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