Duradek Makes Top 101 New Products List on Professional Builder

Professional Builder Magazine selected Duradek as one of the 101 Best New Products of the Year for 2013. Although Duradek has consistently been manufactured over a strong 40 year history, it is it’s designer style Ultra Cork Macchiato vinyl that earned Duradek a spot on the top new products list in Professional Builder. In the decking category, it came near the top of the list in the #3 spot!


Ultra Cork Macchiato – a Top 101 New Product

Color swatches of Duradek Ultra Cork Vinyl

The Cork line launched in 2012 with the first color option, Natural, followed by Espresso and Macchiato. Since then it has been gaining popularity as a reliable option for waterproofing decks with unique style. With a contemporary look, the Cork line of vinyl has a blended texture that mimics natural cork and that adds a stylish element to outdoor design schemes. The most recent addition to the Cork line is the bold Graphite which has just become available and is now starting to roll out into the market place.

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Duradek was also selected by Professional Remodeler as one of the Best 101 New Products of 2013.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Product

Readers that showed interest in Duradek vinyl membranes could see that it offers:

  • roof grade waterproof protection
  • a stylish walking surface for decks
  • a long lasting, low maintenance solution

What they may not have seen, is all of the testing and quality control that goes on behind the scenes to ensure Duradek remains the strongest performing vinyl membrane on the market. Duradek is the original vinyl membrane having covered over 125 million square feet of decks and balconies all across North America over the last 40 years. Other product have come along, but compared to Duradek they simply do not have the proven performance. Take for example this Accelerated Weathering Test (ASTM G90) that had Duradek tested side-by-side with another vinyl brand. Would you want to risk this happening to your decking project?

Accelerated Weather Testing Comparison of two vinyl membranes.
Accelerated Weather Testing Comparison

If you are a building professional and the quality of your projects matters to you, be sure to discuss deck waterproofing options with your local Duradek dealer. And remember, not all vinyl is created equal so be sure to ask the right questions when choosing a waterproofing membrane for your next decking project.

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