Leaky Deck Frustration Turned Around in Utah

It’s a common story. A homeowner who has the desirable feature of a roof deck or multi-level decks on their home wants to make the space the ideal entertainment area.  Some homeowners that have decks that are situated over living space have experienced reoccurring frustration with water intrusion, and perhaps even more frustration with their contractors that were unable to provide reliable waterproofing.

Sometimes, these same contractors will charge homeowners each time they re-apply the same ineffective waterproofing product. Here’s where the biggest frustration lies. Most homeowners are willing to pay to get the job done right, but when they repeatedly invest in ineffective solutions it is very disheartening.

TileLetter Magazine spoke with a home-owner in Utah that experienced this common story and sought the services of a new contractor (see full story on page 36). While the previous contractor had used a simple roll-on liquid coating and fiberglass mesh system, the new contractor had a different arsenal of weapons to fight water invasion. The homeowner noticed a Tiledek binder that the contractor had brought along with him and inquired about how suitable a tiled surface might be for their deck. The contractor had discovered the Tiledek system of waterproofing at a trade show, had researched the product and was confident it was the best option for tile deck projects, particularly over living space.

installation of the Tiledek waterproof under tile membrane
MBL Contracting applied the Tiledek membrane with a proven assembly for waterproof protection under tile.

Tile is often selected as the surface finish for its beauty and relative low-maintenance appeal.  While tile decks convey a simple elegance, there is nothing charming about a leaky tile deck that allows water to slowly but relentlessly invade your home.  Although hesitant after the last experience, the homeowner decided to proceed with the tile option for their deck when they learned that Tiledek was approved as a roofing membrane and came with a 10-year waterproofing warranty.

Since Tiledek (as well as all Duradek waterproofing membranes) is installed only by applicators that have been trained for correct application techniques, Duradek authorized installer MBL Contracting was hired to do the waterproofing and tile setting.

If you are considering a tile deck or have a roof deck on your home, this Article from TileLetter Magazine “Waterproofing Makes All the Difference in Dual Level Deck” is a quick read and a great example to learn from before taking on your tile deck project.

Tile Deck waterproofed with Tiledek.
Tile decks make an attractive entertaining area.

If you’d like to talk to a Duradek waterproofing expert about your decking projects, find an authorized Duradek Dealer in your area to address your specific needs.

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