The Price vs. the Cost of Your Vinyl Deck Product

“There is a huge difference between price and cost. Price is what you pay to get what you think you want; cost is what you pay to fix the problems after the fact.”

– Matt McClure, Duradek of Utah

3 Important Things to Know About Duradek PVC Membranes

Time – Duradek has been in business for nearly 40 years. This kind of experience brings confidence in our product, our installation methods and our relationships with our customers.

Tested – Duradek continually invests in research, development, and testing to ensure our vinyl membranes, as well as other products used in conjunction with installing Duradek vinyl, maintain consistency and compatibility. Duradek even goes head-to-head with comparison testing with competitive vinyl products to ensure our membranes remain the top performing product in our category and can outperform the other options. (see image below)

True – Duradek stands behind our product. Duradek has an industry leading warranty and our product has gone through multiple warranty cycles which allows us to repeatedly prove that Duradek performs well past the 10 years the waterproofing is warrantied for.  In addition, Duradek vinyl warranties include an appearance warranty which is above and beyond what many competing vinyl companies are prepared to offer.

If you dont’ think these things are important…think again!

Imagine how the customers who chose the product below are feeling right now…

Burned Topcoat 9 month Atlas tests April 2013

Failed accelerated weathering test results!

(This is not the result of a direct flame as may first appear. This is the result of controlled testing to the standard of ASTM G90 using concentrated natural sunlight).

The really sad thing here is that if you selected this competitor’s vinyl for use on your home, you may not be covered by warranty since according to this company’s website, there is not an appearance warranty offered.

Choose Your Vinyl Waterproofing Membrane Wisely

Duradek waterproofing experts know that it is important to do it right the first time, and that applies to product selection as well as the skill of the tradesman installing it. You can feel confident on both accounts when you chose Duradek vinyl waterproofing for your deck and balcony surfaces.

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