Fast Track for Waterproof Deck Design Confidence

Small Investment for Potentially Huge Gains in Design Insights

Your time is precious. However, staying informed on the best products to specify for your building projects is a priority. Invest only 30 minutes of your day to gain valuable insights into waterproof deck and flat roof deck designs using PVC Membranes.

Watch the Recorded Presentation here.

How to Waterproof Decks with Confidence

The How to Waterproof Decks with Confidence Demo-Cast is presented by Duradek waterproofing expert, Kevin MacMillan, in partnership with Construction Specifier and Construction Canada magazines. This brief 20-minute presentation followed by a Question and Answer component will provide a fantastic overview of the Duradek™ System.

This overview presentation introduces the basic function, features, and advantages of using the Duradek™ vinyl membrane system for waterproofing decks and flat rooftop decks with an attractive and low maintenance surface.

Single-family and multi-family residential construction with reliably waterproofed outdoor living space.

The marketplace offers a range of PVC membrane options, but Duradek™ is the original vinyl deck membrane. With over 45 years of proven performance, the Duradek™ system ensures moisture cannot enter through common points of vulnerability.

Waterproof Roof Decks with Confidence Demo-Cast Will Show You How Duradek™ Membranes:

  • Meet building code as both a walking surface and a classified roofing membrane
  • Integrate into the building envelope
  • Have a long performance lifecycle / no recoating
  • Have solved common waterproofing problems for 45+ years
Waterproof Deck Design Installation
Waterproof deck design with profession installation assures confidence in performance.

Why Do You Need to Learn About Waterproof Decking?

Rooftop Decks Are a Top 10 Outdoor Amenity in Multifamily Design

If you have not yet taken on many projects with roof decks, it is an amenity you may want to consider incorporating into your projects. Residential outdoor living space is in demand. Rooftop decks and terraces specifically have gained popularity over the last several years in both single-family and multi-family homes.

The additional outdoor living space provided by roof decks adds more useable space without increasing the footprint of the building. The MultiFamily Design and Construction Amenities Study of 2021 ranks it 4th in the list of Top 10 Outdoor Amenities.

2021 multifamily design study chart shows roof decks popular
The MULTIFAMILY Desgin+Construction Amenities Study 2021 Shows rooftop decks as a top amenity.

In the AIA Home Design Trends Survey, outdoor living space is consistently listed as a top feature for residential spaces. Outdoor living space is consistently the most popular special function room in a home. Its popularity is reported as increasing every year. (In 2020 the increase in popularity of outdoor living space was exceeded only by home offices).

AIA Home Design Trends Q3 2020 Special Function Rooms pie graph

AIA Home Design Trends Q3 2020 Special Function Rooms

To add to that, the most popular choice for home exterior materials is low-maintenance. Durability factors into that rating. Additionally, fire-resistant consideration in exterior materials also made the list at the top-5 position.

Duradek PVC membranes meet the demand for providing durable, low-maintenance outdoor living space. They are very low maintenance and require only cleaning through their performance lifetime. Duradek membranes have also has been tested to meet building code requirements for Class A and Class C fire-rated assemblies.

AIA Home Design Trends Q4 2020 Home Exteriors

With the ability to provide a solution for multiple desirable features for residential and light commercial building projects, it is well worth taking 30 minutes to learn a little more.

View Duradek’s Presentation of How to Waterproof Roof Decks with Confidence

In only 30 minutes you will gain a valuable overview of PVC membrane waterproofing for outdoor living space. Join Duradek Sales Manager, Kevin MacMillan who presents this information hosted by Construction Specifier and Construction Canada.

Watch the recorded Demo-Cast webinar here.

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