Duradek PVC Deck

Duradek PVC Deck

There are 2 general types of PVC decks available in today’s market; PVC deck membranes, like Duradek and PVC (or Composite PVC) deck boards.

The main difference between the 2 types of PVC decking is that the “deck boards” will still allow water to drip through, therefore they can never go over living space, nor can they provide dry storage areas underneath the PVC deck. A Duradek PVC Deck does both of those, plus more.

Due to being a solid vinyl membrane, a Duradek PVC deck does not let water drip through; instead, water drains off the edge of the deck or through a deck drain.

This allows the space below the Duradek PVC deck to be used for dry storage or even as a living space.


Yes, A Duradek PVC deck also acts as a roof. All Duradek Ultra PVC membranes have approvals as a Pedestrian Traffic Membrane. That makes a Duradek PVC Deck dual purpose; it acts as the outdoor flooring for the deck and acts as a roof over the living space or dry storage area below the deck.

Consider a Duradek PVC deck as the solution to your next sundeck, flat roof deck or balcony that has living space or requires dry storage below.

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