Deck Rail Installation Ideas

Installation Ideas for Deck Railings

Installing a deck rail is not only functional but can be a decorative and beautiful addition to your sundeck or flat roof deck. Take into consideration some of the following deck rail installation ideas from Durarail;

First, you determine the basic style of deck rail required for your project – picket, glass or custom?

Deck Rail Designs for Picket Railings;

  • Picket railings come in narrow or wide pickets for varying looks.
  • You can add a mid rail to the picket rail system to add some extra depth.
  • You can also add in decorative pieces like rings, scrolls or collars for decoration.

Deck Rail Designs for Glass Railings;

  • Change the glass style from clear to frosted or coloured glass for more privacy.
  • Increase the glass railing height to help protect against wind around hot tubs or BBQs.
  • Have your glass railing custom etched with a picture or design to make your railing a true one of a kind

A Custom Deck rail installation is an endless opportunity …ask the Durarail Sales team how they can help in designing a deck rail that fits your deck requirement.

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