Deck Tiles With Tiledek

Deck Tiles With Tiledek

Do you want to tile your exterior deck? Great idea! It’s a beautiful way to finish a deck and create an extraordinary outdoor living space!

Here is the MOST important question you need to ask when considering an exterior tile deck – How will you be waterproofing the deck, underneath the deck tile?

An exterior deck with tile is not waterproof on its own. Water can get through the grout and sometimes even penetrate through the deck tile. This can cause a lot of water damage to the deck structure and through to the living or storage space below the deck.

Tiledek Tile Deck Waterproofing Solution

Tiledek is the ideal solution to waterproofing for under deck tiles. Tiledek is produced by Duradek, the industry leader in waterproofing decking and pedestrian traffic flat roof decks. Tiledek is a waterproofing membrane designed specifically for under exterior deck tiles. It has roofing approvals which means no water penetration under the deck tiles. Tiledek is installed by Duradek trained applicators who understand proper waterproofing techniques, building code, and water management.

Beware of using a membrane under your deck tile that is designed for Interior tile, one that does not have roofing approvals or one that doesn’t properly terminate up the wall or over the deck edge. All of these may end up in costly repairs to your beautiful tile deck.

Tiledek – the roofing membrane designed for exterior tile decks!

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