Deck Stairs And Rails

Designing Deck Stairs and Rails

If you’ve ever built a deck, you know that the actual decking happens quickly. It’s those finishing touches, the deck stairs, and the deck handrails that not only put the finishing touches on your deck but dictate the look and feel.

Yes, your new Duradek vinyl decking is the “heart” of your deck, but the handrails and stairs are its soul.

Decking Hand Rail solutions from Durarail are beautiful, and functional too!

  • What’s your style?
  • Conservative Vertical Bars?
  • Do you want to make a statement with your Durarail?
  • Or are you more concerned with the functionality of your handrails? For example, glass insert solutions mean you can use that barbecue on a windy day.

Speaking of “form meets function”, what about those stairs? Nothing could seem more utilitarian than stairs, but our approved applicators have proven time and time again that stairs made with Duradek vinyl will not only add the functionality you need but add a level of beauty you can admire – maintenance free for years and years!

Too many options? Don’t worry, Duradek Approved Applicators have all completed our training and certification process, and you know you’re getting professional advice when you speak with one of them. Looking for a Duradek or Durarail Installer? Look no further!

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