Duradek Deck Care

Taking care of a Duradek deck requires a little common sense and even less effort.

Protect – Protect your Duradek deck from scuffs, tears or excessive wear by using mats on major traffic areas. Stair nosings will protect the deck at stairwells. Avoid dragging heavy objects on the deck.

Inspect – Inspect the caulking around posts, pillars, corners, vents and drains. This should be a yearly inspection to ensure the Duradek deck remains completely sealed.

Non-skid vs. Cleanability – The more textured the surface, the more effective the non-slip characteristics will be. The smoother the surface, the easier your vinyl surface will be to clean.

Snow and Ice – Use a plastic shovel to remove ice and snow. ‘Rock Salt’, ‘Kitty Litter’ and other snow-melting chemicals can be used, however the surface must be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water prior to letting the spring sun ‘bake’ any chemicals into the Duradek membrane.

General Cleaning – Your Duradek deck should be cleaned at least four times per year (more often if acid rain or airborne pollution is a problem in your area) using the Duradek vinyl cleaner available from your authorized contractor or Duradek. Follow the directions on the label. This cleaner is designed for vinyl decks and will NOT leave harmful chemical residue like many household cleaners may. Use warm water and a stiff broom, scrubbing in a circular motion to loosen the dirt. Spray with a garden hose (under pressure) to wash away the loose dirt. Flush thoroughly with clean water.

Duradek is the finest deck waterproofing product on the market today. It is installed by authorized Duradek deck installers using the Duradek deck system of sheet vinyl, adhesives, trims and sealants.
Duradek Vinyl Deck Waterproofing Membrane
For a quick reference to cleaning a Duradek deck, refer to this Care and Cleaning Guide.

For any additional Facts about Duradek deck vinyl – refer to this Vinyl Decking Facts page.


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