Concrete Pavers & Paving Stones on Decks – Installed With Plazadek

Concrete Pavers and Paving Stones on Decks Installed with the Plazadek System

For decades flagstone walkways, duck-boards, concrete pavers and paving stones have graced the walkways of the homes of the rich and famous!

Traditional installations for pavers of all sorts have been in gardens, or concrete outdoor walkways surrounding houses.

Plazadek System by Duradek - Waterproof membrane under floating deck paversIt took a forward-thinking deck material manufacturer such as Duradek to realize that concrete pavers, duckboards and paving stones can be a far too beautiful medium to sequester to the hidden garden walkways of a few. And Voila – the Plazadek system for a reliable paver installation solution was born!

But what other installation scenarios could pavers be used in?” You may rightfully ask! The fact is that pavers of all sorts are designed to be durable and weatherproof, making them an obvious choice for outdoor areas or rooftops that would be exposed to the usual harsh outdoor conditions your garden would.

For example, waterproofed roof-tops have been designed to handle direct sunlight, snow-load and sloped to handle heavy rainfall. This combination of materials and functionality render most rooftops useless when it comes to functional and useable outdoor space. However, duck-boards, pavers and paving stones would be an ideal material to use in this scenario for durability.

  • The Plazadek system using the Duradek membrane installs quickly!
  • The Plazadek system levels the surface area, transforming low sloping roofs into usable space.
  • The Plazadek system will not inhibit the flow of rainwater to your existing drainage as it has considerable ground clearance.
  • The Plazadek system uses the proven reliable and building code approved Duradek PVC membrane,  making it strong enough for any job!

Looking for Interlocking Pavers? While these may install quickly in your garden, they are certainly not the right product to transform a roof-top into a patio, and still maintain the functionality needed to protect your home or building the way Duradek’s Plazadek system does!

What about installation?

Duradek Authorized Applicator StampWe know your home is your greatest asset. And your home is your castle! (yes we have a few cliche’s kicking around) The point is, you don’t want some “fly-by-night” deck installer to install your concrete paving waterproof solution! We wouldn’t either! That’s why Duradek has taken the time to vet out our applicators and installers. In fact, we spend considerable time training our representatives, affiliates, and installers, so that you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible quality job.

Make sure you’re getting the genuine thing: Be sure your PVC waterproof membrane installer proudly displays the “Duradek Authorized Symbol”.

Search for a Plazadek and Duradek installer in your area here, or contact us and we’ll gladly put you in touch with our international network!

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