Build A Deck With Duradek And Durarail

To Build a Deck That Lasts, Start with the Right Foundation

Building a deck with proven PVC membrane products like the Duradek system goes a long way to make sure your deck has reliable waterproof protection for years to come. But first, you must ensure that the substrate of the deck is built with proper installation methods in mind.

Build Your Deck Substrate to Get the Best Performance from Duradek PVC Membranes

For a plywood or concrete deck, use the following specs to ensure your substrate is ideal for Duradek;

See more information on substrate preparation and edge trim details.

Successful Deck Building is Not Just in the Foundation – It is in the Details

No matter how sound you build the deck structure, its lifetime performance depends greatly on the products used and how well the deck is waterproofed.

With PVC waterproofing products, professional installation with sound details makes a big difference in how long your waterproofing performs. Since waterproof performance has such a huge impact on the overall longevity and value for the investment in the deck, this is an area best left to a trade professional well versed in specific deck waterproofing techniques.

Duradek has a collection of 46 published Detail Drawings to help guide successful deck building projects. Duradek vinyl must be installed by an authorized installer (waterproofing is not a great DIY project). The details provided also help the general contractors make sure correct sequencing with other sub-trades is handled correctly. An important deck building detail to say the least.

Build a deck with sleepers for slope
Building a deck requires water management which means the correct slope for drainage. In some cases, a sleeper system below the surface provides the water routing needed.

How to Build a Waterproof Deck with a Heavy Wear Surface

If you are planning to build a deck with extremely high traffic such as a commercial property, a vinyl deck may not be what you are after. You may want to build a solid surface deck with tile or pavers but that still has roof grade waterproofing (for over living space or for dry storage below).

Duradek has 2 additional waterproofing options for these types of decking applications  – Tiledek for outdoor tile decks or Plazadek for floating deck systems or when the use of duckboards or heavy pavers is desired.

Once again, consideration needs to be taken to ensure the substrate is built correctly…

How to Build a Deck for Waterproof Performance with Tile or Pavers

See the following 2 Resources for the deck assemblies that are required for building a Duradek Tiledek or Duradek Plazadek Floating Deck System;

Building a Deck is not Complete Until You Add Railings

Once your deck has been built, whether it is covered with Duradek, Tiledek or Plazadek, you will need to have railings installed.

Durarail is available in both a surface mount or a fascia mount option.

Building a deck with a fascia-mounted railing is less invasive, as you are not penetrating your waterproofing membrane. Picket, glass, cable and custom designs are also available as deck building options for railing. (See more details on railing installation considerations).

Regardless of what the choice is, Durarail is available in a durable powder coating with 9 standard colors and over 180 custom colors.

Building a deck adding railings
With surface mounted railings it is important to have the railings installed by a contractor who is familiar with waterproofing best practices to ensure the railing installation does not compromise your waterproofing product.

Why Choose Duradek When Building a Deck

Duradek, the Original sheet vinyl membrane for waterproofing decks and balconies, was developed to solve leak problems 45 years ago. With so many years of experience in the deck and rail business, you can be assured you are in good hands with Duradek.

Further, Duradek and Durarail are installed Only by authorized professionals that have been trained in the specific deck waterproofing techniques mastered by Duradek over nearly half a century.

That makes it easy to trust Duradek and Durarail with your Deck Building needs.

If you’d like to talk to a Duradek professional about your plans to build a deck and how to waterproof it right the first time, contact a Duradek professional in your area for a free consultation.  Happy deck building!

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