45 Fun Facts and Unusual Uses of Duradek Vinyl

After 45 years of business, we’ve seen a lot of amazing work through our talented network of installers and our happy customers! Back in 2014, Duradek was proud to celebrate 40 years in business providing reliable waterproof protection for homeowners have come to rely on us for their decks over the generations.

In that landmark year, we thought we’d have a little fun by sharing some of the interesting fun facts and unusual uses that you might not know about Duradek vinyl membranes. So now in honor of 45 years of business, we’ve updated our list. Have fun learning about some of the incredible creations talented Duradek installers have created over the years.

45 Unique Uses of Duradek Vinyl

  1. Duradek vinyl membranes were inspired by the marine vinyl used on the floor of small boats in the 1970’s.
  2. In 2013, Duradek heat-welded seam strength was put to the test by a Ford F250. It actually towed a Ford F250 Diesel Super-cab (approx. weight 5,752 lbs.) 100 ft. and still did not break! Check out the video on YouTube.
This Ford F250 is being towed by a Duradek to test the strength of its heat-welded seams by Duradek of Utah.
  1. Speaking of trucks…Duradek has been used for paneling on vehicles. In one case, an old work truck and in one instance it was used to panel the sides of a Cadillac to stop annoying door dings from neighboring parkers.
Truck Paneled with Duradek
Duradek’s skilled installers can ‘Duradek’ anything!
  1. Some creative and skilled Duradek installers created and wore complete suites made from Duradek. While it is a little heavy to wear, it is a breeze to clean if you happen to get a little spill on it!
A sharp dressed Duradek man!
  1. Recycled Duradek plywood gives a dog house some good waterproof protection and a nice easy to clean floor too.
  1. Morningstar Tequila once used Duradek on an RV Deck for a custom deluxe promotion. But speaking of recreation vehicles, Duradek has been used to waterproof the roof of RVs and Campers and on interior RV floors.
    1. Duradek had been used to finish deck furniture like the top of a picnic table and a tiki bar.
    Deck Table Covered with Duradek Legacy Driftwood
    Deck Table Covered with Duradek Legacy Driftwood
    Tiki Bar Top Covered in Duradek
    This tiki bar gets an easy to clean surface now that it’s covered in Duradek.
    1. Duradek training once included making a vinyl beer stein…if all the seams were done right, you could drink your beer from a Duradek mug!
    2. Recycled Duradek plywood makes great raised garden boxes.
    1. Duradek was used to waterproof the pyramid of the Hoover Building during the Stanford University Hospital remodeling project.
    1. Recycled Duradek protected plywood has been used to create shielded wood sheds.
    1. Duradek was used to line the floor of a drunk-tank ….love that low maintenance clean-up!
    2. Duradek was used to waterproof the domed roof of a synagogue in both Toronto and Burnaby.
    1. Duradek was used on the basement floor of a wine cellar.
    2. Duradek was used to line a gutter that routes water and debris off of roofs.
    3. Duradek’s Cork Graphite was named by a public contest presented on Facebook.
    1. Duradek was used to surface a kitchen floor…not just an outdoor one like you’d normally see, but the actual interior kitchen of a residence.
    2. The Democrats walked all over us! – Duradek was used to surface a winery deck that was above a garage and equipment room, which was a location that hosted a democratic convention.
    3. Duradek was used to cover a garage floor – suitable for the best looking man caves ever!
    1. Duradek was used to line the trailer of a cargo truck.
    2. Duradek was used as a bird cage liner….again, love that easy cleanup!
    3. Duradek was used to make BBQ covers. A perfect match to the deck surface and keeps the barbecue protected from the rain.
    4. Duradek was used to make Hot Tub Covers and is another great way to tie together the design of the deck surface with its add-ons. Also makes a great covering as a Hot Tub Surround.
    Hot tub covered in Duradek Forest Floor Ash
    Forest Floor Ash vinyl by Duradek made a great custom finish for this hot tub.
    1. Duradek covered the barrel -vaulted entrance roof in a 1980s McDonalds Restaurant.
    2. Duradek was used by top home-improvement celebrities on shows like Holmes on Homes, The Builder Boss, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Income Property.
    1. Duradek has been used to make custom tool belts.
    2. Duradek has been used to make great costumes – the Tin Man, a superhero cape and holsters (in this case, for an Indiana Jones costume).
    3. Duradek has been used as a toboggan. The vinyl can slide down the snow, but keep the rider dry!
    4. Duradek has been used to make a hammock.
    5. Duradek has been used to construct a water-tight kid’s tree house.
    6. Duradek has been used to repair footwear. It lined the bottom of old slippers to re-sole them and was used to repair a pair of ladies shoes which added a unique, decorative element to damaged heels.
    1. Duradek was used to line the floors of businesses that were subject to liquid spills. It was used on the floor of an upper-level photo lab to provide water-tight protection in the case of liquid chemical spills. It also was used to surface the floor of an embalming parlor.
    2. Duradek was used to wrap and protect an arm cast (can’t let those things get wet, you know!).
    3. Duradek was used to cover Oil Tank Tops.
    1. Duradek has been used to line residential shower walls and floors. Speaking of showers…
    1. Duradek was used to line the floor of a prison facility shower where 24-hour shower allowances were mandatory. The quick one-time installation was a huge asset!
    2. A deck-sized snow slide was created from Duradek to block snow from accumulating on the deck and keeping access to stairway and cloths line dry.
    A Duradek snow-slide to protect the stairway
    1. Duradek was used to line an elevator floor. It was a perfect solution for an easy to clean area where people were often coming in from the rain and carpet stains were a reoccurring problem.
    2. The ‘bleachers’ of the viewing area of a pool was coved in Duradek.
    1. Duradek was used to make a bucket to be used in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
    1. A custom poker table design made with Duradek vinyl.
    poker table with Duradek
    Another creative contractor used Duradek Vinyl as part of the surface of a custom poker table.
    1. This bathroom vanity is a unique beauty with covered in Duradek.
    Bathroom Vanity made with Duradek
    Duradek made an attractive and unique surface for this bathroom vanity.
    1. A custom built pool was made using Duradek as the pool liner.
    Pool liner using Duradek
    This custom made pool uses Duradek as a liner.
    1. A gorgeous water feature was made with amazing pebble looking finish of Duradek Legacy Pebble Beach vinyl.
    Water feature using Duradek
    A creative contractor designed a custom water feature using Duradek.
    1. Our new favorite…a pontoon boat made with Duradek vinyl and Durarail railings. Truly a luxurious, low maintenance floating deck
    Pontoon Boat with Duradek and Durarail
    Now that’s a pontoon boat! Duradek and Durarail made a great floating deck.

    Thanks for 45 Years of Supporting Duradek

    As you can see, over a span of 45 years, Duradek has been used for a diverse range of unusual projects. However, its intended use as a waterproof surface on decks, balconies and roof decks continues to bring homeowners and property managers a cost-effective, low maintenance waterproofing solution. 

    All of us at Duradek look forward to another 45 years of finishing your decking projects and protecting your homes. Cheers! 

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