Balustrade and Handrails by Duradek

Balustrade and Handrails Options

“Balustrade” is defined in some dictionaries as: “a railing supported by balusters, on a balcony, bridge or terrace.

You may know “Balustrades” by their more common name: Handrails.

Whether you call them balustrades or handrails, if you have a deck, you need them! In fact, most building codes require you to have a protective handrail if your deck is more than 2 feet or approximately 60 centimeters above the ground, which most decks are.

So, no matter what you call them, you probably need them. But this raises a whole slew of new questions: what material; wood, aluminum, glass? What functionality? What color?

By a process of elimination, we’ll get to the bottom of this!

Step 1: Trustworthiness: Whoever you choose to supply your balustrade or handrails, first be sure the company has the history behind them to back up the quality of the product! Duradek has been manufacturing North America’s premier decking material solutions since 1974! How many other manufacturers can say that?

Step 2: Versatility and functionality: Does your handrail supplier of choice offer solutions based on functionality? For example, if you have a westerly prevailing wind, and you have a primary functionality need to Barbecue on your deck, do all suppliers offer glass wind-screen inserts that seamlessly match the rest of your balustrade?

Step 3: Warranty and maintenance: Durarail balustrade is powder-coated aluminum and carries an industry leading warranty. Duradek has been delivering low-maintenance decking solutions for almost 4-decades. Durarail is no different! A true low maintenance handrail solution. No staining and varnishing, and scrubbing.

Step 4: Installation: Worried about getting the “Tail-light guarantee” from your installer? (Once you see the tail-lights going down your drive-way – you never see them again!) Well, that is never a concern with Duradek’s international network of dealers, installers and applicators; each of which has been individually trained and accredited by Duradek.

The verdict?

Spend your summers cleaning and maintaining an inferior handrail product installed by someone you picked blind-folded in the phone-book, or just enjoy your precious vitamin-D soaking sun-time on your beautiful deck installed by the professionals and protected for years. That’s a tuff one!!

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