Above Garage Porch Renovation – Duradek Case History #174

A delayed porch renovation above a garage was not only unsightly but also allowed water to make its way through failed waterproofing. This caused damage to the structure and allowed water to drip on the vehicle stored below.


These homeowners knew that their ragged porch looked less than appealing. As the primary entry point to their house, the state of their porch did not make coming home something that put a smile on their faces.

Porch over garage with water damage
The above garage porch needed help with presentation and waterproof protection.

The heavy, unkempt wood railings were splintering, making this deck look dated. Additionally, since left neglected, the wood was vulnerable to rot which is a safety concern.
The deck’s previous coating was very old. It had become so discolored that the owners threw down a rug to hide it.

Visible from the street, this porch had major curb UN-APPEAL. This eyesore was there to welcome them every time they pulled into the driveway. The owners called authorized Duradek contractors, Bradley Enterprises, to save the day.

Neglected porch with water damage
A porch renovation is needed badly – not just for the visual, but to protect the home from wood rot. Once rot is present, it will continue to grow.


After removing the old coating, the Duradek installer could see that water had indeed made its way to the deck surface below resulting in wood rot.

The damaged wood had to be replaced with fresh, untreated plywood. Duradek’s Ultra Forest Floor Ash was used to provide the low maintenance waterproofing to this above-garage porch.

Porch renovation removing wood rot to joists
Since water had made its way to the substrate causing wood rot, the plywood had to be replaced.

Next, they replaced those heavy, neglected wooden railings. They chose a Durarail Powder Coated Aluminum Picket Railing System. This immediately helped to brighten and modernize the space. It also eliminated maintenance needs to avoid wood rot in the future.

The textured Forest Floor print helped to tie together the other elements of the house. The natural wood of the garage and the siding of the house were complemented by the new, renovated porch features.

Porch renovation with new Durarail Railings
Once the Duradek vinyl was installed, Durarail railings were added with all of the same attention to waterproof integrity.

Now from the street, this porch had been transformed into very appealing outdoor living space. The homeowners can enjoy a little outdoor leisure time with a smile on their faces – and no need to worry about maintenance or water damage.

Porch over garage waterproofed with Duradek
With Duradek and Durarail, the homeowners enjoy a beautiful. low maintenance porch with waterproof peace-of-mind.


The door threshold is a particularly vulnerable area for waterproofing. Bradley Enterprises installed the Duradek membrane through the door sill using Duradek’s proven techniques to prevent water from finding its way into the home. Duradek only supports professional waterproofing details that protect the home.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #174 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after pictures.

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