Pet Friendly Decking – Your Pets Can Enjoy Your Vinyl Deck as Much as You Do

Pet-Friendly Decking

As we enthusiastically enjoy our deck and patio time in the peak of summer season with barbecues, relaxing and gathering with loved ones, that usually also includes our pets.
If you have dogs, you know our canine companions will be right along side us basking in the sun. However, many people worry about letting their pets join them on their deck, in fear of damage from claws. With pet-friendly vinyl deck surfaces, that fear can be put to rest.

Vinyl Deck Surfaces are Ideal for Pet Owners

Vinyl decking is a wonderful option for those with pets, because it is so durable. Unlike some other materials, vinyl is a safe alternative for your pets, without having to worry about their claws scratching up the surface. To keep those paws comfortable, choose a mid-range color. It will hold less heat than the darker options (and won’t show dirty paw prints as much as the lighter options).

Wood decks can create hazards for feet and paws, like splintered boards, and loose nails popping out of the surface. Especially after a hard winter or a lot of rainfall, if moisture has seeped into the wood, it can rot faster, resulting in boards breaking when walked on.

Duradek vinyl decks are safe for pets and provide them with secure, slip resistant footing.

Composite decks tend to be scratch resistant, not scratch proof, meaning if Fido tears across the deck after a squirrel, there’s a good chance he will leave a trail of destruction.
With vinyl decking, not only do you have a textured, durable surface that is comfortable for paws of all sizes, but you also have an incredibly easy to clean deck as well. With Duradek vinyl decking you can easily hose off any ‘accidents’ your pets may have after all your guests have snuck them little tid-bits off the barbecue all day. Just be sure to catch those little doggie tinkles and other surprises as soon as you can (if pet waste is ignored and is allowed to sit for a long time, it may cause some discoloration).

Here are some tips for making your vinyl deck a pet-friendly place to relax:

Provide Shade and Water

Uncovered decks are fantastic if you want to get a tan, but when the weather get too hot, it can be dangerous for pets. Be sure to have plenty of water ready for your pups, and create some shade for your pets with a large umbrella or a DIY awning like this one from ‘Dana Made It’.

Pet-Friendly Furniture

My Lab thinks she’s a lapdog, but that does not mean I want her climbing onto a lounge chair with me. If you choose to have a pet bed outdoors for your animals consider a weather-resistant cover that is easy to clean to avoid harboring water and bacteria. Cushioned pet pads are a better option than beds with lots of folds, where spiders and stinging insects could be lurking. If you want to get fancier, elevated dog beds like this $10 DIY using PVC pipe keeps airflow from underneath, so your dog stays cooler.

Dog relaxing on Duradek Ultra Heritage Sienna Vinyl Deck

Flowers and Foliage

Check out the ASPCA’s plant guide to ensure what’s in your planters won’t harm your pets. Common flowers like azaleas, tulips, and geraniums are all toxic to dogs, and often grown in residential gardens or hanging baskets. Turn Your Deck into a Pet Friendly Playground.

Your canine family members can enjoy your Duradek vinyl deck as much as you do.

Vinyl Decks from Duradek for all Members of Your Family – Pets Included

If you would like to inquire about transforming your deck into a low-maintenance waterproof deck that even your canine family members can enjoy, contact an authorized Duradek installer in your area for a free estimate. Your furry friends will thank you!

Originally published July 10, 2017

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