20 Favorite Vinyl Decks

Some of our favorite vinyl decks have a balance of fantastic appearance with minimal maintenance. Duradek has a lot to choose from to pick our favorites! With vinyl installed from coast-to-coast throughout North America, there are thousands of fantastic decks finished by our skilled network of Duradek dealers.

Here we take a look at 20 of our favorite vinyl decks and why we love them…

A Simple Sundeck

Vinyl deck by Citywide Sundecks.
The simple pleasure of a vinyl deck by Citywide Sundecks.

Why we love this deck…

The original, simplistic solution of Duradek vinyl effectively waterproofing an upper-level deck surface while creating a dry, protected area below works well at the residence. The color of the Cork Natural vinyl complements the home owner’s existing exterior design details and the Durarail glass railing system provides an open view with a little protection from the wind at this coastal residence. It is clean, simple, and best of all, the homeowners have all of the low maintenance advantages of vinyl decking and aluminum railings.

Second Level Leisurely Deck

Second level vinyl deck for leisurely luxury.
Second level vinyl deck for leisurely luxury by Duradek of Georgia.

Why we love this deck…

This deck calmly states luxury and leisure with its low-maintenance Duradek surface overlooking the pool area. The elegant look of Duradek Cork Macchiato vinyl provides the practical waterproof performance; and the loungers on the deck highlight the fact that Duradek is meant for those who enjoy their leisure and do not intend to labor on their deck annually. Also of note, the blocks that the loungers sit on are covered in the same Duradek vinyl as the deck. A feature that demonstrates the reputation that skilled Duradek installers pay attention to details and go above the basics to be sure that their customers are thrilled with their decks.

Elevated Lifestyle with Residential Roof Decks in Planned Community

Roof deck at Sego Homes Daybreak community
Roof deck at Sego Homes Daybreak community adds an element of luxury.
Roof deck by Duradek of Utah
Roof decks make it easy to extend the square footage of useable space. Deck by Duradek of Utah.

Why we love this deck…

Speaking of luxury, this roof deck by Sego Homes in the master-planned Daybreak community in Utah conveys the elevated lifestyle Duradek has helped many developers bring to their clients. Duradek’s roofing approved membrane allows builders to confidently offer some of the hottest trends in residential development such as increased enjoyment of decks and outdoor living space and extending the interior of the home outward to create a harmonious blend of useable space. Additionally, by extending livable space vertically and increasing the square footage of useable space without increasing the footprint of the building, developers can maximize the value of their projects (and homeowners gain the luxury of a private, roof-top terrace). Duradek of Utah goes the extra mile in educating architects and developers in Utah and the surrounding area on the applications and techniques involved in PVC membrane waterproofing.

Down to Earth Details on a Vinyl Patio

Duradek patio with border.
A two-toned patio with border effect creates a unique look. Patio by HTR Duradek.

Why we love this deck…

The advantages of Duradek vinyl are not restricted to roof decks. Ground-level patios are well served by the reliable waterproof protection and the slip-resistant surface of vinyl decking. Again, skilled Duradek installers at HTR Duradek made the difference in the details. This attractive border effect with dual tones of Duradek Ultra Cork vinyl using ‘Macchiato’ as the primary color and a border of ‘Espresso’ certainly elevates the look of this ground level patio.

A Simple Solution for a Residential Roof Deck

Duradek Forest Floor Alder
Duradek Forest Floor Alder was the simple solution for this elevated deck. Deck by Duradek of Georgia.

Why we love this deck…

It’s not complicated. After a lot of frustration and water damage when their tile deck was not waterproofed below, the whole deck was rotted and the entire substrate had to be replaced. After preparing the deck with untreated plywood, the single solution of Duradek as a walking surface and waterproofing membrane in a one-time installation took the topic of water leaks and water damage right out of the homeowner’s vocabulary. Pure, warrantied waterproof protection allows them to leisurely enjoy their outdoor space.

Paver System Waterproofed and Exceptional Deck Railing

A durable paver surface needs reliable waterproofing underneath.
A durable stone surface needs reliable waterproofing underneath, provided by Citywide Sundecks.
This is another example of beautifully extending the living space of a home outwards.
This is another example of beautifully extending the living space of a home outwards.
PUP topless glass railing system
Fascia mounted PUP topless glass railings allow a great view of the pool.

Why we love this deck…

The homeowners of this deck wanted to enjoy a surface of pavers but wisely knew that waterproofing still had to be considered. Duradek’s protected systems of sheet vinyl deck waterproofing are the perfect solution. Tiledek is intended for use under stone tile or pavers applied with thin-set mortar, and Plazadek is intended for use under floating pavers using a pedestal system. With this deck, the real “wow” factor comes from the incredible PUP topless glass railing system. With multifunctional posts, this railing system can accommodate different heights and angles and provides an excellent option for decks with a view like this one overlooking the pool.

Waterproofed with Water Management

Enclosed roof deck by Duradek.
A private multi-residential deck with professional details by Duradek MidAtlantic.

Why we love this deck…

Multi-residential roof decks bring huge advantages by increasing the value of the property and adding more useable space. With so many residences in close proximity, privacy can also be a valued commodity, and so enclosed decks offer an extra element of privacy that allows for personalization. Sometimes this can create extra challenges in water management with drainage and routing; but with Duradek’s more than 4 decades of experience in waterproofing, we know it’s all in the details and the skills of the installer. Duradek installation techniques mastered by the team at Duradek MidAtlantic ensure the water is never trapped on an enclosed deck and risk infiltrating the home. With drains, scuppers, and slope, this enclosed deck keeps waterproof integrity and allows the residents to extend the interior of their home to their outdoor space.

Exceptional Deck Details

Duradek Okangan Flint Deck
Duradek installers are trained to know it’s all in the details – and details make a difference on this deck.
Duradek drainage detail
Deck details mastered by Duradek dealer Citywide Sundecks.

Why we love this deck…

Once again, the exceptional skills of the trained Duradek installer make an ordinary deck extraordinary. The Okanagan Flint vinyl surface receives superior detailing in the gutters that require highly skilled technique. In this instance, the gutters were completely enveloped by Duradek vinyl around a drain, then filled with stone to create a unique and attractive border. Additionally, the deck specialists at Citywide Sundecks were able to create a custom top rail from wood to go over the Durarail aluminum picket railings.  While this custom wood feature will require regular maintenance, the rest of the railing and deck surfaces will retain their original waterproof integrity throughout their lifespan. For those whose budgets allow, Durarail offers an authentic-looking wood grain finish for top rails that looks just like real wood but will not require any maintenance like sanding or re-staining.

Things are Looking Up for this Deck Made for Looking Up

Duradek Forest Floor Alder deck.
A waterproof deck as expansive as the Texas sky above.
Before and after deck waterproof repairs.
The cracks in this deck were significant and causing damage until Duradek Waterproofing and Renovation in Texas solved the problem with Duradek.

Why we love this deck…

The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas….. but these homeowners were always looking down. Looking down at the awful cracks on their deck. The prior deck surface suffered a very common scenario of a failed cementitious coating where deep, long cracks in the surface resulted in water infiltration and high risk of wood rot below. No matter how many times they attempted to fill the cracks, the waterproofing was compromised for good, and the deck needed to be replaced. Duradek Forest Floor Alder was selected and provided a comparable depth of texture to the prior troweled on coating, and the color blended harmoniously to keep the exterior design they had intended to achieve. But more importantly, the adhered Duradek vinyl membrane and heat-welded seams mean complete, reliable waterproof integrity.  Now, thanks to Duradek Waterproofing and Renovations, for these homeowners, things are looking up!

Turning a Maintenance Area into a Useable Recreational Roof Deck

Flat roof deck
Leisure space is created on an otherwise maintenance accessed flat roof by Duradek MidAtlantic.

Why we love this deck…

Many flat roof decks accessible by maintenance teams are finished with a traditional torch-down membrane which is an acceptable roof waterproofing method, but by no means attractive or desirable to walk on. This flat roof had enough space to make a leisure area and Duradek was able to provide the roofing membrane and walking surface in a single product, creating extra, livable space that previously might only be used by maintenance crews. Drains, scuppers, and over-flow water-routing are details that keep the waterproof integrity intact on this enclosed deck.

Driftwood at the Doorway

Duradek Legacy Driftwood vinyl
Your eyes pick up the look of wood grains, but never a splinter will there be!
Entranceway Duradek Driftwood vinyl
A simple little front stoop…waterproofed in the all-new ‘Driftwood’ vinyl by Home Defects Analysis and Solutions.

Why we love this deck…

Duradek is continually researching and developing vinyl patterns that provide a stylish look for homeowners that value their outdoor design schemes. In honor of Duradek’s 40th year in the marketplace, the new ‘Legacy’ line of vinyl was created to meet the need of homeowners who want their exterior design to emulate the natural environment around them. This entranceway displays the first photos of Legacy Driftwood vinyl, the first in 3 gorgeous options in this all-new line. Driftwood offers the look of aged, sun-bleached wood but with all of the advantages of low-maintenance vinyl waterproof performance.

Barnwood Deck Becomes Them

Duradek Barnwood Vinyl Deck
Legacy Barnwood vinyl deck has a natural look with the low maintenance advantages of pvc. Deck by Beaver Construction.

Why we love this deck…

The second offering in the new ‘Legacy’ line, this deck finished in Barnwood vinyl is the first of its kind installed for many happy Duradek customers…and that is what it is all about. The owners of this home were absolutely thrilled by the look of the faux wood finish and the simulated appearance of wood grains extending across their deck – but with no maintenance that actual wood requires. The color blends well with their exterior design and the heat-welded seams provide waterproof protection that is arguably the most reliable protection available in a single-applied product.

Another First From Across the Pacific

Duradek in New Zealand
Red Beach near Auckland, NZ benefits from Duradek thanks to Deck Masters NZ, LLC.

Why we love this deck…

Besides the fact that this deck is beautifully and reliably waterproofed, it is the first deck completed by our new Duradek Dealer in Auckland, New Zealand. Deck Masters NZ, LLC. With coastal views that are envied world-wide, there are plenty of decks to benefit from the advantages of  Duradek waterproofing. Duradek is manufactured with built-in UV inhibitors to withstand the beautiful south pacific sunshine and will protect from the coastal rains.

Beyond the Balcony

Roof decks and balconies by Duradek MidAtlantic.
A single, simple solution for roof decks and balconies by Duradek MidAtlantic.

Why we love this deck…

Multi-residential townhome developments have often incorporated balconies for outdoor space when there is no space for a small yard. While this is a benefit to homeowners, it is doubled when a roof deck is added as well. This extra outdoor space is a valued commodity, but many traditional methods of waterproofing flat roofs have made them a point of vulnerability requiring multiple products and installation stages. Duradek is building code approved as a classified roofing membrane, so builders, property managers, and residents can be confident the living space below is well protected. It is also a building code approved pedestrian surface, so Duradek is a single product solution where other systems require two or three products and stages. These decks are complimented by Durarail’s low-maintenance aluminum railing system, so no strata or property managers have to address ongoing maintenance for these residential outdoor spaces.

Above and Below – Open and Closed

Deck with Duradek and Durarail
Dual railing styles offer different advantages on this low maintenance deck.
Double deck solutions by Duradek and Durarail
Double-Double Deck solution with covered protection and railing options. Deck by Citywide Sundecks.

Why we love this deck…

The duality of Duradek’s advantages are double-doubled in this deck makeover. Waterproofing and attractive surface on the top of the deck with protected space below. In this residence, the protection goes two ways. On one side of the deck, there is living space below that is fully protected with the roof-grade waterproof protection of Duradek vinyl. Under the other side of the deck, there is an open area for a covered parking spot. When there is no closed-in garage, this effective residential alternative protects a vehicle from direct exposure to the elements. Plus there are double the advantages of low maintenance railing with two different Durarail styles incorporated into the deck. Traditional picket railing surrounds the barbecue area overlooking the yard, but on the street side of the deck, frosted glass railings provide privacy for deck leisure time.

Boathouse Made Beautiful with Barnwood

Boathouse roof deck by Duradek
Boathouse roof deck with Legacy Barnwood and Durarail by Duradek of Georgia.
Boathouse makeover by Duradek of Georgia
Boathouse makeover by Duradek of Georgia
Boathouse deck before and after
The difference is incredible. The neglected, high-maintenance headache replaced by attractive, low maintenance protection.

Why we love this deck…

This boathouse received the ultimate makeover with a roof deck by Duradek. Legacy Barnwood emulates the appearance of wood and blends beautifully with the natural surroundings of this deck. The previous, failed system was permitting water leaks onto the boat below, and water infiltration required replacement of joists, substrate, and railings. Not only was the job completed beautifully, but Duradek installers from Duradek of Georgia were able to complete the project on a tight timeline to be completed for a graduation party.

The Legacy Continues

Pebble Beach deck by North Vancouver Sundecks.
Pebble Beach deck by North Vancouver Sundecks.
Pebble Beach entranceway by Saskatoon Deck Shop.
Pebble Beach porch by Saskatoon Deck Shop.

Why we love this deck…

Well, this is actually two separate projects; but they are our first photos of the third offering in the ‘Legacy’ line – Pebble Beach from Saskatoon Deck Shop and North Vancouver Sundecks and we couldn’t be prouder! This remarkable aggregate pebble appearance blends well with several different outdoor design schemes with neutral colors in both brown and grey tones. Perhaps a bit of a late offering in the trend of faux aggregate vinyl deck surfaces, Duradek took their time to get this outstanding pattern just right. Much easier to install than actual aggregate pebble, the vinyl deck surface is textured enough to be slip-resistant, yet smooth enough to be comfortable on bare feet.

Second Level Deck Makeover Saves Lower Ceiling Details

Duradek and Durarail by Citywide Sundecks
Duradek and Durarail by Citywide Sundecks.
Elevated deck with ceiling details.
Duradek waterproofing above protects the gorgeous wood finish on the ceiling below.

Why we love this deck…

When deck waterproofing fails, it is bad enough to deal with the problems on the surface, but the real damage is happening below. This home had a beautiful wood ceiling above their lower-level deck, but when the waterproofing failed above, the water infiltration was beginning to damage that excellent exterior design detail, which would be very expensive to replace. Duradek installers were able to complete the job before permanent damage and replacement were required so the homeowners could enjoy a beautiful deck surface above and keep their ceiling protected below.

A Roof Deck Made for Leisurely Lifestyle

roof deck with Driftwood vinyl by Duradek.
Duradek Driftwood vinyl on a roof deck in an Oakwood Homes community by Duradek of Utah.

Why we love this deck…

This deck shows the work it takes to maintain a Duradek vinyl deck, and that is why we love it so much. Outdoor living space is meant to be enjoyed.  It is about leisure time. It is about family time. It is one of the happiest parts of a home. When the deck is over living space, homeowners don’t need to worry about water leaking through with Duradek’s warrantied protection. With Duradek, vinyl we want your biggest deck concern to be how to accessorize it.

Elevated Deck for Protected Patio and Fantastic View

Duradek Heritage Agate deck.
Duradek Heritage Agate protects this deck.
Elevated Deck and protected patio
Skilled installers from Duradek of Georgia ensured the details were done right.

Why we love this deck…

Sometimes the benefit of roof-grade waterproofing is just as important when the deck is not over enclosed living space. The advantages of a lower level deck underneath a second level deck protected by Duradek include a dry space when it rains and shaded space in the peak of the summer sun. This poolside deck gains both of those advantages along with the freedom from maintenance chores. It is the perfect place for entertaining or just leisurely enjoying the fantastic view.

These Duradek homeowners can just relax an enjoy the view.
These Duradek homeowners can just relax and enjoy the view.

Your 2016 Deck Renovation or Make Over

To make your deck one of the best of 2016, be sure to consult with a Duradek professional in your area. If you are planning a deck project in the spring, now is the time to start talking to your Duradek dealer. In the summer months, deck specialists are in top demand, so be sure to get your project scheduled before the 2016 season is fully booked.

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