Enclosed Tile Balcony Leak Solution – Duradek Case History #166

Balconies and decks surfaced with exterior tile are a luxurious finish for your outdoor living space – but if not installed with proper consideration for waterproofing details, they can be a costly and ongoing headache when water leaks through to living space below. Tiledek™ solves the leaking problems (and cures the headaches!).


Residential Enclosed Tile Balcony Leak Repairs – Houston, Texas


This home has five decks…and all of them were leaking. The leaking caused significant structural damage to the home as water infiltrated the building envelope, weakened wood and became prime breeding ground for unhealthy mold.

Many waterproofing details were neglected and others were installed without practical considerations. For example, a scupper for water drainage was positioned 35 feet above and directly over the front door. Not a pleasant experience for the residents or guests on rainy days to say the least!

Tile balcony with hidden leak issues.
The surface of this tile balcony looks good, but there are costly waterproofing issues beneath the surface.


The much needed waterproofing performance begins with a reliable product and ends with professional installation and attention to waterproofing details.

Both were achieved by contacting trained an authorized Duradek installers at Home Defect Analysis & Solutions (now operating as Duradek Waterproofing and Renovation LLC (of Texas)).

The existing tiles were removed an the substrate was prepared with the recommended assembly using the Tiledek membrane as the method of waterproofing. Drainage was re-routed into an adjacent gutter to keep the main entrance to the house dry below; and the finish was upgraded to a travertine surface.

Balcony waterproofed with Tiledek nad proper water routing from Duradek installers.
Now, waterproofed with Tiledek and proper water routing details, this tile balcony is leak proof and protecting the home below.


Duradek’s Ultra Tiledek was the perfect under-tile waterproofing solution; and the proven detail techniques mastered by Duradek installers at the perimeters, drains and door pans ensured the small balcony had no further leak issues. The project was a success and the remaining four decks were also replaced.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #166 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after pictures.

If you have a leaky tile deck and want to solve the problem once and for all, contact an authorized Duradek installer in your area and ask about waterproofing with the Tiledek membrane.

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