2 Big Deck Remodel Problems Solved with 1 Design on Cottage TV

Decks, Docks and Gazebos program on Cottage Life T.V. specializes in creating the ideal outdoor living space for cottage locations with amazing views. Host Jason Lake takes on cottage upgrades from rough planning to final construction and in a recent episode, “Rob and Nancy’s Gazebo Sun Porch” (Season 2, episode 6), he demonstrates how two big problems are solved with one design solution by using Duradek vinyl deck membrane.

The Scenario – Deck to Dock
Rob and Nancy’s cottage has a gorgeous waterfront location with the front corner of the house only 10 ft. from the waterline. When looking out the window, they look at lake. It is a perfect place for entertaining and since so many people enjoy going down to the dock regularly, most times people gather on the lower patio instead of the upper level deck. Like most people with cottage properties, Rob and Nancy just want a hassle-free place to relax.

A high maintenance drip-through deck was too much work and not enough protection.
A high maintenance drip-through deck was too much work and not enough protection.

Problem #1 – Tired of Maintenance
Although the 10 x 40 ft. deck provides excellent lounging area with the fantastic lake view, Rob and Nancy are tired of the maintenance the typical drip-through deck requires. The staining and sanding every two years is too much work when they would much rather be enjoying the leisure time on their deck. As they put it, “The less staining we have to do, the better”.

high-maintenance wood deck needing re-staining
This high-maintenance wood deck required re-staining every 2 years.

Problem #2 – Need Protection from the Elements
Rob and Nancy like to spend most of their time on the shaded, lower level deck but it is still open to the elements which can cause discomfort. They have to deal with the insects on the very hot days and on the days where there is rain, the drip through deck above does nothing to protect them and keep them dry when they would prefer to still be outside enjoying the view.

The lower level deck was ideal for lounging...unless it rained.
The lower level deck was ideal for lounging…unless it rained.

Host Jason Lake (who gained his celebrity builder experience with ‘The Builder Boss – Jim Caruck’) knew that he could solve both problems with one easy design solution using  Duradek Vinyl Decking.

Deck Remodel Solution with Duradek

The solution was an easy one if you know the right products to work with and Jason Lake knew Duradek was the answer. He was ready to solve 2 big problems with 1 design.

He could easily provide Rob and Nancy everything they wanted by incorporating a lower level sunroom into the design which is made possible with Duradek which has been tested and evaluated to meet building code for use as a both a pedestrian coating AND a roofing membrane.

Jason Lake and Duradek Dealer John Kellett of Kellett Sales and Contracting
Jason called on the expertise of John Kellett from Kellett Sales & Contracting.

The First Phase of the Deck Remodel

Solution Step #1 – Create a Waterproof Ceiling for the Sun Porch

Duradek, a brand of vinyl deck surfaces so trusted that it has become synonymous with vinyl decking is actually also a classified roofing membrane and provides a completely watertight seal.

Authorized Duradek dealer, John Kellett from Kellett Sales and Contracting was on location to lend his vinyl deck installation expertise and to ensure the deck had the proper slope and that the substrate was prepared correctly for the application of the Duradek vinyl membrane.

preparing a deck substrate for Duradek vinyl decking
Substrate preparation is the first step of a successful Duradek application.

Rob and Nancy selected Duradek Forest Floor Alder (one of 24 Duradek colour options) and John Kellett and his assistant laid the Duradek with best installation practices to guarantee roof-grade protection for their new sun room below.

on a vinyl decking project with Duradek
Duradek Forest Floor Alder was a perfect choice for the deck surface to blend harmoniously with the home and its surroundings.
Duradek Installation from Cottage Life TV screen shot
Duradek installers ensure all perimeter details are handled with waterproofing best practices.

Solution Step #2 – Provide a Maintenance Free Surface for the Upper Level Deck

See Solution Step #1.

The installation of the Duradek Membrane also solved the problem of ever having to re-stain the deck again. This was very important to Rob and Nancy as they found the labour required to re-stain the deck every couple of years was just too much for them.

Duradek Forest Floor Alder Deck
Voila! Duradek provides a deck surface that NEVER requires re-staining or re-coating of any kind.

With Duradek, they will never have to sand, stain or seal their deck again and they can just relax and enjoy it. The only maintenance Duradek vinyl deck surfaces require is the occasion cleaning which can be easily done with a scrub brush or power washer.

Duradek Forest Floor Alder
The attractive, slip-resistant surface requires only occasional cleaning to stay looking great.

The Second Phase of the Deck Remodel

The addition of a gazebo sun room allows Nancy to get the feeling of being outdoors while still being protected from the elements, and this is made possible with the roof grade protection of Duradek above.

The lower deck before the addition of the sunroom gazebo.
The lower deck before the addition of the sunroom gazebo.

Once the challenging task of framing the sunroom utilizing the existing posts was completed with consideration for the screen door, the team was able to install the ceiling. Since the Duradek membrane on the upper deck provided the warrantied waterproof roofing, the ceiling below in the sunroom was purely to make it look good and cover the joists and the wiring. Rob and Nancy chose a tongue and groove pine with a white wash and Jason installed directionally away from the house, which requires a little more material and more labour but provides a clean, seamless look.

Once the framing and ceiling were complete, the last step was to install the screening and door to keep the gazebo sun room shaded and bug-free.

Duradek above allowed them to keep it dry below.
Duradek above allowed them to keep it dry below.

 Homeowners Happy with Duradek and their Sun Porch Deck Remodel

With their two most important criteria met on their new deck, Rob and Nancy couldn’t be happier and are certain to use their new sun porch gazebo room very frequently…particularly since they have all that extra time with an upper level deck that no longer needs maintenance.

Before Duradek, this deck was a high maintenance chore.
Before Duradek, this deck was a high maintenance chore.
Low maintenance, attractive and waterproof Duradek deck
After Duradek vinyl decking, this deck is a low maintenance, attractive and waterproof pleasure!

Home Improvement Experts Trust Duradek

This is all thanks to host Jason Lake who was familiar with Duradek as the product to solve both of their problems. This is Jason’s first year hosting Decks, Docks & Gazebos but he is no stranger to home improvement television. For three years, Jason worked as a sidekick to Jim Caruk on HGTVs Real Renos.

Duradek is also no stranger to home improvement television as several celebrity builders have turned to Duradek over the years to solve the specific problems of roof deck waterproofing.

Scott McGillivray – Income Property: Episode Nick and Karen   (HGTV)

Jim Caruk – Builder Boss:  The Bunker (episode 6) | Porch and Garden (episode 7) (HGTV)

Ty Pennington – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: 100th Episode, Swenson-Lee Family, Minneapolis, MN (ABC)

Mike Holmes – Holmes on Homes: Rocky Reno, AB (HGTV Canada/USA)

For YOUR Decking Needs

To find a Duradek Dealer in your area for a free consultation on your decking project, visit our ‘Find a Dealer’ locator or contact Duradek directly to be referred to an authorized installer near you.

All of us at Duradek are thrilled to help you create more time for leisure on your decks!

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