Railing Systems that Reveal Style, Function and Canadian Innovation

If you have any sort of elevated deck or balcony on your property, guard rails are an absolute essential, but maintaining them does not have to be a high-maintenance chore. You are familiar with Duradek™ as the leading brand of low-maintenance vinyl decking, but you might not be aware that Duradek also offers Durarail™ Aluminum Railing Systems which is another exceptional deck building material option to help you get the most out of the dollars invested in your property maintenance.

Durarail railings are produced locally by Excell Railing Systems Ltd., a proudly Canadian aluminum railing manufacturer that has made its place in a crowded market with quality, durable and attractive standard railing products and bold new product innovations.

Powder Coating Aluminum
Powder Coating Facility

Located in Surrey, BC, Excell Railing Systems is home-based in a wet region that benefits greatly from the advantages of its powder coated aluminum deck railing and fencing products. Excell has been in business for over 15 years and has provided aluminum railings throughout continental North America and beyond, including other rainforest regions such as Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Excell has over 20,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and its own powder coating facility that enables timely delivery and a high level of quality control to its customers. All railing systems are engineered to current building codes and are used in a variety of different applications for high-rise, multi residential, commercial and residential applications.

Excell’s powder coating process ensures that Durarail aluminum railings are completely sealed and protected in a hard finish that is far tougher than conventional paint. The powder coating is electrostatically applied as a free-flowing dry powder and is then cured under heat to allow it to form a “skin”.  This process provides railings that will never rust and will never require sanding or staining. A simple wash brightens them up year after year.

Innovative Railing Options

In addition to its standard picket or glass railing options, Excell is distinguishing itself in a saturated railing market by becoming known for custom aluminum projects and innovative railing solutions. This year, Excell Railing Systems introduces two new, inventive products.

Durarail is proud to present the next generation of topless glass railing systems which is born with the creation of the all-new “Panorama Universal Post”. Excell has taken the advantages and beauty of their existing topless glass Panorama Post system and transformed it into a super-post for a complete “one post does all” system.

The Panorama Topless Glass Railing System
The Panorama Topless Glass Railing System

Panorama Universal Post Angle AllowanceExcell Railing Systems president Robert Ogilvie says, “We are very excited to introduce this new topless glass railing system. It is one our most innovative products yet.”

The Panorama Universal Post is an end post, inline post and corner post in one. In addition to this multi-functionality, the Panorama Universal Post also has glass channels with the ability to angle 30 degrees in either direction for a full 60 degree angle variance which is an excellent feature for various design options like uniquely shaped or curved decks.

Panorama Topless Glass Railing by Durarail
Panorama Universal easily adapts to custom shapes and curves.

A thicker wall construction allows the Panorama Universal Post to also be used as a divider panel system or a wind wall system; and the glass channel can accept different types of glass or even alternate materials for a louver look.

If those aren’t enough design options for you, the Panorama Universal Post can also accommodate the addition of a top rail cap*, but with a bottomless railing look for your less-obstructed view.  The innovative design of this post offers endless solutions to various railing needs.

XL Park Rail Top Rail
XL Park Rail Top Rail

The second new addition this year is the “XL Park Rail Top Rail” – a 3 ½” x 2” top rail that can facilitate up to a 3 inch post to fit underneath it in a continuous run. The XL Park Rail Top Rail can also be used with the new Panorama Universal Post and a stock 2-1/2” post allowing for the “beefier wood look” to be achieved. This new top rail is available for both picket and glass systems.

Safety First,…then low maintenance peace-of-mind

The advantages of powder-coated aluminum versus wood railings are very significant when it comes to security. There is no risk of water infiltration or wood rot to weaken the structure which can be a problem with wooden railings that have not been maintained regularly.

Particularly in the summer time when people tend to gather on decks and use the guard rails as leaning posts and group photo locations, you don’t want to risk a structure weakened by water infiltration. Re-painting or re-sealing railing posts each year is far from an ideal solution.

The fact that Durarail and Excell powder coated aluminum railings do not require any maintenance at all is a huge advantage, particularly in rental properties where building maintenance can be intrusive or inconvenient for tenants. But first on most property owners’ minds is reducing liability. They must have railings that are manufactured to meet building code requirements, meet all safety requirements and have a solid warranty. Of course, the fact that Durarail and Excell railings look great too makes them a complete package and easy choice for new decks or deck renovation projects.

Have an enjoyable and safe summer season on your decks!

* The XL Park Rail Top Rail can be used with the new Panorama Universal Post

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