Deck Do-it-Yourself Projects Not Done With Duradek

Deck waterproofing is a very important detail in protecting the home. When if comes to the superior performance of vinyl membranes as your long lasting waterproof solution, you could unknowingly create future issues for yourself if you attempt to do-it-yourself. PVC membrane waterproofing is possibly THE most reliable method of roof deck waterproofing available today, but only if it is done correctly, using proven installation details. Duradek professionals care much more about successful waterproofing for their customers’ long-term happiness than just making a ‘quick sale’. Here we share an actual inquiry about a project in the Pacific Northwest; and the verbatim response provided by Duradek Northwest’s Matt Whale whose 20+ years specializing in roof waterproofing provides advice to be taken seriously.

Customer Duradek Inquiry

“I am a property manager with a deck to re-do, approximately 100 sq. ft. Would like to have my very experienced handyman do the install if we can buy the materials. Plenty of installers down here, but I cannot find online a source in the Portland, OR area. Can you assist?

Duradek Northwest Response

I am sorry that I am unable to fulfil your material purchase desire, but due to statistical failure rates of waterproofing products and the untrained worker, coupled third party product compatibility issues, improper design and/or detailing associated with Do It Yourself (DIY) products and projects, Duradek has elected not provide a DIY product.  It is sold only through the authorized installer networks.

Because success and deck failure exists in the Northwest and since Duradek has a forty year local history, it is this history and experience that confirms that less than one percent of all deck vinyl problems are material related and as such, the issues fall clearly on a combination of lack of education, non-existent installation repetitive skill and detail design choice experience.  Therefore a onetime user can never get or be proficient in heat welding, the proven and code compliant method of seam sealing,  or the one time designer can never arrive fully up to speed on proper detail choice or material compatibility, nor does a “do it yourself” product offer any warranty protection other than a “warrant it yourself, you installed it”.

This gamble, you personally maybe embarking on, is in an industry or situation where the bulk of all building related litigation resides. The American Institute of Architects “Architect” publication**, in of June 2011, put it “Water intrusion makes up more than 70 percent of construction litigation”. Thus, Duradek’s lack of “Do It Yourself” products, though not your preference, is a prudent decision on Duradek’s part and subsequently, a major contributing factor to their unequaled, unparalleled or unsurpassed forty year success in the vinyl deck waterproofing industry. If I can provide you an installing company who would be willing to team up with your handyman, to save you money, then I can be of service.   I attached the article below for your consideration.**

Matthew Whale – Duradek Northwest
Matthew Whale - president of Duradek Northwest

Duradek Northwest

For your deck or roof deck waterproofing needs in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Montana, be sure to contact Matt at Duradek Northwest.

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