You Ask Shell About Vinyl Decking… Shell Asks Duradek

With so many building products available, even in specialty areas like decking, it is no wonder so many of us trust the experts we have come to rely on for product advise.

Long before ‘celebrity builder’ was a job description, we had the pioneers of home renovation advice like Shell Busey to guide us through our home maintenance projects and product selection choices. Shell Busey has been a much relied on home improvement guru in western Canada for decades and still provides valuable insights on his HouseSmart Referral Network and his AskShell podcasts.

Shell Busey
Shell Busey

In episode 10 of his educational podcast, Shell addresses questions he has received by email, one of which is regarding vinyl decking surface appearance and he discusses cleaning and painting (at about 40:06). A little after that, Shell shares his interview with Duradek’s Sales Manager Kevin MacMillan who discusses Duradek vinyl with Shell in a little more detail (starting at about 51:30).

Kevin discusses some of the key factors that makes Duradek vinyl decking the leader in the industry and how the brand “Duradek” has become synonymous with vinyl decking.

One of the most distinguishing factors that separates Duradek from the less expensive do-it-yourself options is that Duradek has the industry’s most comprehensive warranty and that Duradek is installed only by trained applicators who know waterproofing details.

For more information, have a quick listen to get Kevin’s overview of Duradek in a 10 minute interview (start around 51:30) that addresses warranty, cleaning, installation and alternate deck surface waterproofing products like Duradek Tiledek, made specifically to waterproof roof decks that are surfaced with exterior tile or pavers.
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For more specific information about how Duradek can work for your decking project, contact an authorized Duradek Dealer in your area.

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