Duradek Vinyl Decking may Help you Sell Your House

One of the advantages of using Duradek vinyl decking on your home’s deck or patio is that Duradek has a value that contributes to the overall value of your home which can be transferred to a new owner. Not only because Duradek’s attractive, waterproof performance requires no annual labour, but also because Duradek has an industry leading warranty that is transferable to the home’s new owner if you sell your house during the 10-year warranty coverage period (increased to a 15-year warranty in June 2019).

Duradek is frequently included as a value-added feature of a residential property in real estate listings, and in this example published in the Globe and Mail on August 12, 2015, in the first paragraph of this article headed “What they Got”, Duradek is listed as a top feature of a recent upgrade.

The fact that Duradek is perceived and noted as an important feature of a home should tell you two important things about what home buyers want (and don’t want).

Screen shot from Globe and Mail, August 17, 2015
Screen shot from Globe and Mail, August 17, 2015 highlighting Duradek as a feature of the home.

Home buyers want their residence to be constructed of reliable materials that will not require ongoing labour.

Home buyers want proven, reliable products and to be protected if those products fail.

Deck waterproofing is of huge importance for the integrity of a residential structure. Professional deck waterproofing protects your home’s building envelope while decks finished by contractors that do not specialize in waterproofing my encounter water infiltration issues that can affect the entire home over time and can result in much more costly repairs. Deck waterproofing is definitely a project that you want to be sure is done right the first time.

5 Tips for Home Sellers

If you are selling or thinking of selling your home, and are wondering what upgrades you should perform first, renovating your deck with Duradek is a good value-added place to start.
Additionally, here are 5 great tips provided by Michelle Perrault from Sutton Westcoast Realty. (www.realresultsrealty.ca)

1. Clean and de-clutter

Make sure your kitchen, bathrooms, and floors sparkle. Use old-fashioned elbow grease or call in professional cleaners to get the job done. Can you walk into your walk-in closet? Does your car barely fit into your garage? Start packing early and put your seasonal and personal things into storage. Make your rooms and cupboards look spacious.

2. Repair the little things

Put on your home inspector‘s hat and walk through your house. Make a list of the items that need attention and arrange for repairs. Focus on your entry-way, drywall, paint, sticky/squeaky doors, leaky faucets, flooring and countertops.

3. Help buyers see themselves in your house

Remove your family photos and personal mementos. If you’re a collector, pack up your collection. Buyers have difficulty picturing themselves in your house when your personal items are on display.

4. Let the light in

Bright homes often have a higher resale value. Get your windows cleaned, inside and out. (Consider hiring a professional.) Pull back blinds and draperies to let natural light in. If you still have some dark spots, add floor or table lamps to the area.

5. Groom your yard

You wouldn’t go to a job interview without being well groomed, so make sure your yard is groomed for viewings. Trim your hedges and shrubs. Cut the grass. Pull weeds and cut back any greenery that covers walkways.

Duradek Additional Note to Recommendation 5 – this applies to all of your outdoor living space. Be sure to have your deck clean and staged. Outdoor living space is fast becoming one of the top features of a home, whether it is a single-family residence or a single apartment in a multi-residential property. In some cities like Vancouver, BC, the demand for outdoor living space and decking is creating a development trend. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to highlight a great selling-feature of your home by not presenting your deck or balcony at its best.

If you’d like to speak with a Duradek expert on how to transform your aged deck into a value-added Duradek deck, contact a Duradek Dealer in your area for a no-obligation estimate.

Duradek Patio
Duradek is a low maintenance advantage to home buyers.
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