Waterproofing Solution on Porch of 200 Year Old Home with Duradek

Roof decks are a popular value-added feature of new home developments, but renovation plans for older homes are also seeing roof decks as an important part of the overall objectives for the home.

Take, for example, the Glenlochan in Urbanna, VA. This home was originally built in the 1780’s and the new owners plan to make it their dream home to last the rest of their lives. Like many homeowners who see a house and instantly know it is ‘the one’, the renovation plans and construction are supported with an emotional investment beyond the financial investment for the home.

One part of the renovation of Glenlochan includes a second-story porch. The original plans for the home had this deck over top of living space, but concerns of space allocation had the homeowners reducing the size of the second story porch. While this reduction in porch size meant that the porch was no longer to be directly over living space, it still acts as a roof over the first-floor porch. The homeowners wanted to be certain that there would be an impermeable membrane on the second story porch to keep the area below dry. They knew that this home was going to be their home into their golden years, and wanted to be sure not to run into problems down the road. They wanted something that would last, and Duradek was the perfect fit.

Duradek dealer Paul from PJ’s roofing provided the trained Duradek installers for this project. Like all Duradek installers, Paul’s team has been specially trained in the intricate details of deck waterproofing with PVC membranes. Had the homeowners decided to keep the large porch over living space, Duradek would still have provided the home with warrantied roof grade waterproof protection over living space as it is an ICC-ES approved product as a walking deck and classified roof covering in accordance with ICC and CGSB requirements. But in this instance, Duradek provides a roof area for a dry first level porch and a beautiful, low maintenance walking surface for the second story porch.

Sreen shot of Glenlochan blog
Sreen shot of Glenlochan blog

With the homeowners documenting the progress of the renovation of Glenlochan, the resulting blog is a very interesting read in the surprises and challenges involved in the renovation of a house that is 229 years old. Check out the Glenlochan blog.

If you are considering a renovation project that includes a roof deck or second story deck, contact a Duradek dealer in your area for a free estimate and to see how Duradek can help reach your renovation goals.

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