Duradek USA Approvals

Vinyl (PVC) Membrane Testing, Evaluations and Reports as a Walkable Roof Deck Membrane in the U.S.A.

Duradek Ultra

(60 mil. thickness with woven polyester backing)

Division 7: Thermal and Moisture Protection

  • Section: 07 18 13 - Pedestrian Traffic Coatings
  • Section: 07 54 00 - Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing
  • Section: 07 54 19 - Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing
ICC-ES Evaluation Service Report ESR-2151 Updated! - Duradek Ultra is compliant with the 2012 IBC

CAN/CGSB 37.54-95 Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing and Waterproofing Membrane

QAI Test Report: RJ0449P-1R1

chemicals symbolASTM D2299-68

Chemical Resistance of Walking Decks - AC-39

QAI Evaluation Report: RJ2822P-2

Fire SymbolASTM E108-08

Fire Test of Roof Covering Test Method - Class A

QAI Evaluation Report: RJ0720F-1

Fire SymbolASTM E108-08

Fire Test of Roof Covering Test Method - Class C

QAI Evaluation Report: RJ5052F-1

Wind SymbolANSI/FM 4474

Wind Uplift Test

QAI Test Report: RJ0913P-1R2

Wind SymbolANSI/SPRI ES-1

Pulloff Test for Edge Flashing

Farabaugh Test Report: T128-11


Florida Building Commission Requirements

Updated! - Duradek Ultra is compliant with the 2014 FBC FBC Test Report: FL#20069 (2014) To view details online, view the product approval here or visit Florida Building Code Information System, select code year 2014 and search Certificate of Product Approval by FL# 20069, or select 'Duradek' from product manufacturer list.


Texas Department of Insurance Requirements

TDI Evaluation Report: RC-477 To view evaluation report on the Texas Department of Insurance website, view the product evaluation here.

Duradek Ultra Okanagan

(60 mil. thickness with non-woven polyester backing)


QAI Confirmation of Conformance

QAI Confirmation Letter

Based on results of: - QAI Evaluation Report: T731-1 - QAI Evaluation Report: T731-3


3rd Party Evaluations


QAI Listing No.: B1023-2 (Duradek U.S.)

PVC Roofing and Walking Deck Membrane - Listing No. B1023-2 To view online, visit the QAI Directory of Listed Products and search for 'Duradek'.

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