EXTENDED – Waterproof Vinyl Membrane Quiz: How Well Do You Know Duradek?

Our Duradek Quiz has been extended to August 14th by popular demand! Don’t miss out on your chance to test your knowledge and win.

How familiar are you with Duradek vinyl for decks, balconies, and flat roof decks? Take our waterproof vinyl membrane quiz to find out.

Whether you are a builder or an architect adding to your professional knowledge, or a homeowner doing research for your own deck, learning about Duradek vinyl sundeck and roof deck membranes can give you an advantage for your decking projects.

Here’s your chance to have a little fun getting more familiar with Duradek – and the benefits it brings to your deck and flat roof deck projects.

Test Your Knowledge on Duradek Vinyl Membranes – Win a Dash Cam

Complete Duradek’s Waterproof Vinyl Membrane Quiz and submit it for a chance to win a THINKWARE Dash Cam

Duradek Vinyl Decking Quiz Contest Dashcam Prize
Duradek Vinyl Decking Quiz

To test your knowledge and enter the draw, download the fillable .pdf version of the quiz, save it with your answers, and email it to duradek@duradek.com with your name.

Duradek Quiz Contest Details

Scores of 80% or higher will be entered to win. All entries must be received by 12:00 noon PST on August 14th, 2020. The draw takes place on August 17th, 2020 (extended by popular demand from July 2nd). Winner will be contacted by the email address they submitted their entry with. Good Luck!

(Tip: all of the answers are available on the Duradek website.)

The Waterproof Vinyl Membrane Quiz from Duradek

Here are all 30 Questions. Remember, all you need to do to be eligible for the Dash Cam draw is to download the fillable .pdf version of the quiz, save it with your answers, and return it along with your name to duradek@duradek.com by noon PST on August 14th.

  1. While Duradek has no on-going cost of maintenance, the deck should be cleaned. Duradek Cleaner is available online at ______?
  2. Duradek’s Safety Data Sheets come in what two languages?
  3. What company does Duradek use for Third-Party Quality Control?
  4. Duradek offers a subscription to receive newsletters and other pertinent information for these professionals:
  5. What does the March 25th, 2020 blog remind you to do?
  6. Name the four key facts about the Duradek membrane systems for superior waterproof performance.
  7. There are some important considerations the builder needs to know to prepare for an installation. What is this downloadable document called?
  8. As with anything exposed to UV, vinyl will age over an extended period. If you wanted to freshen up the appearance what document does Duradek offer to help you with this?
  9. It is recommended that you clean Duradek outdoor living spaces how many times per year?
  10. Duradek is the most tested membrane available.
    a. What is Duradek’s ICC ES # (U.S.)
    b. What is Duradek’s CCMC # (Canadian)
  11. TRUE OR FALSE: Duradek’s warranty is transferable providing peace of mind from owner to owner.Contractor giving Duradek warranty to homeowners
  12. Duradek’s warranty is the best in the industry. What are the three levels of protection?
  13. Looking at swatches or samples of the many membrane choices may not give you a good idea of what your project would really look like. Duradek has you covered here to. What is the name of Duradek’s visualizer tool?
  14. The construction industry is a very diverse industry. Recognizing this and understanding the importance of good communication and education, Duradek has a language option that allows you to change the website content to many different languages. Where is this option featured?
  15. TRUE OR FALSE: Duradek’s specification is downloadable in each of these extensions – docx, doc, rtf and txt
  16. In addition to the abundant information available on our website, you can also access what you need on these select architectural partner sites.
  17. Which of the Inside Details (IS) allows the exterior cladding to be finished prior to the installation of the Duradek waterproof system?
  18. How many Duradek detailed drawings are available for you to download?
  19. Duradek has a collection of CAD drawings available on their website in DWG or PDF of the most common details. These can be found under what heading?
  20. TRUE OR FALSE: Tiledek is ready to accept thinset and tile as soon as it is installed (no curing or drying time).Tiledek waterproof tile underlayment membrane assembly
  21. What are four common applications for the tile underlayment system?
  22. Almost 10 years ago, Duradek developed a roofing membrane that can be used as an underlayment for Tile or Stone. What is the name used for that underlayment system?
  23. TRUE OR FALSE: Installing Duradek is so easy anyone can do it.
  24. What is one reason Duradek is the best choice for the Builder?
  25. TRUE OR FALSE: Duradek solves the problem of waterproofing over habitable space, allowing designs to be truly elevated.
  26. What is one reason Duradek is the best choice for Architects?
  27. The prime functions of vinyl decking are to:
  28. Name five of the eight vinyl decking applications.
  29. Duradek Cool-Dek line consists of 5 colors that are __ cooler than its warmest color.
  30. How many color options are available?Duradek booth at the Vancouver Fall Home Show 2018

So, how well do you know Duradek?

If you think you can score 80% or higher, submit this fillable .pdf version of the quiz and email to duradek@duradek.com and you might win the Thinkware Dashcam.

The Waterproof Vinyl Membrane Quiz Answers Are All Here

Duradek has the answers.

The answers to the quiz above can be found throughout our website. (Plus, if you enter the contest by submitting your answers we’ll send you the answer key so you can see how you did.)

The answer to solving your waterproofing challenges on your outdoor living space projects can be found through any one of our hundreds of trained, professional Duradek Applicators. Simply request a quote, and we will put you in touch with a Duradek professional near you.

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A special thank you to Matt of Duradek of Utah for providing this quiz.

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