Vinyl Decking Review Duradek

Vinyl Decking Review

There are a number of things to consider while completing a vinyl decking review for your new sundeck, roof deck or balcony. Duradek has been in the Vinyl Decking Industry since 1974 and is the pioneer of using PVC as a Waterproof Vinyl Decking and Roofing Membrane.

There are 3 primary things to take into consideration while Reviewing your Vinyl Decking and Flat Roof options;

1 – The Vinyl Decking itself (the Membrane)

2 – The Manufacturing Company

3 – The Applicating Company (the Vinyl Decking Installer)

In your review of the Vinyl Decking, you should consider the following questions;

Is the vinyl decking approved as a Roofing Membrane?

Is the vinyl decking approved as a “Pedestrian Traffic” Roofing Membrane?

What is the warranty on the Vinyl Decking?

In your review of the Manufacturing Company, you should consider the following;

How long have they been in business?

Do they offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty for the Waterproofing? For the Vinyl System? For the Appearance?

Have been around long enough to go through a warranty cycle?

In your review of the Applicating Company (The Vinyl Decking Installer), you should consider the following;

Have they been trained by the Manufacturer?

Do they understand Building Code Requirements, Building Envelope Issues, as well as Vinyl Decking Installation?

Do they offer a separate Workmanship Warranty?

Please use this “Vinyl Decking Purchase Checklist” to help make the review of vinyl decking clearer.

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