Vinyl Decking From Duradek Since 1974

Vinyl Decking

Duradek has been in the Vinyl Decking Industry Since 1974. Duradek is the Pioneer of Vinyl used as a Decking material and is unquestionably the Industry Leader in Vinyl Decking.

Duradek Vinyl Decking has demonstrated its ability to perform and is a reliable, durable and attractive alternative in vinyl decking. Duradek Vinyl Decking is totally impervious to water and is an accepted decking and roofing membrane all across North America. Duradek Vinyl Decking is highly stain, fire and mildew resistant and provides a safe non-skid footing even when soaking wet.

To increase its performance, Duradek Vinyl’s make up includes mildew inhibitors along with ultra-violet and heat stabilizers.  Duradek Vinyl Decking is also fire-retardant and resistant to most chemicals.  Attractive patterns, colors, and textures provide a contemporary new look, previously unavailable in the vinyl decking.

Typical areas that vinyl decking is used are; Sundecks, Roof Decks, Patios, Porches, Balconies, Ramps, Stairs, Pool surrounds and Walkways….virtually any outdoor area requiring a cleanable, waterproof Surface is ideal for Duradek Vinyl Decking.

Duradek vinyl decking is not available through a retail outlet such as a carpet store or building outlet.  It is not a “do it yourself” system.  When purchasing a vinyl decking surface, the credentials of the applicator and his source of supply are most important.

Duradek Vinyl Decking is available ONLY from Trained and Authorized Duradek Vinyl Applicators.


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