Vinyl Deck Product Choice Myths

Debunking the ‘Acetone Test’ Myth

Duradek, the original vinyl deck membrane, was the only product of its type back when it was first introduced in 1974.

Today there is a large variety of vinyl manufacturers presenting vinyl deck membranes of various widths, thicknesses and styles. And as most of us will agree, Not All Vinyl is Created Equal.

In this competitive environment, there is, unfortunately, a lot of flim-flam and parlour tricks being presented by some manufacturers to attempt to make their product appear to perform better than the others. When you are building a deck, be sure to choose products that are proven to perform as intended, not highlighting things unrelated to its actual use.

Look at this short video clip where Duradek president, John Ogilvie discusses one of the claims being made.

So, how often do you have big containers of Acetone on your deck? The most common household use of acetone is nail polish remover, and as any woman who paints her nails knows, you always put the cap back on your nail polish remover right away to avoid spilling and discolouring any material. Is withstanding discolouration from an acetone spill really a valid factor in choosing your vinyl deck product?

Is it reasonable to be running around on a deck with a can of acetone? Obviously, not. We feel it’s about as ‘reasonable’ as evaluating your vinyl decking to how it stands up against an Ice Pick Test or a Blow Torch Test…all of which have very little relevance to real-life, day-to-day use of a sundeck. In over 40 years of business, Duradek has never once had an acetone warranty claim.

So don’t be persuaded by irrelevant tests. Check the tests that really matter.

The take-away here is that you need to evaluate what is actually important What really matters in selecting your vinyl decking are these four key points:

  • Company Reputation and History
  • Quality of Trained Contractors
  • A product that withstands what it is actually exposed to > water and UV rays.
  • A Warranty that includes both the performance of the material AND appearance

Remember, vinyl decking brands come from different sources which are all produced to their own unique specifications and standards. Some sheet vinyl deck products available are produced in North America (like Duradek) and others come from off-shore manufacturers, but all have their own unique ‘recipes’ to create their unique product.

When you are choosing your vinyl deck membrane, be sure to select one that has a proven history and a warranty that actually provides some reasonable recourse should the product not perform as promised. With Duradek you can be confident that your deck and your home are protected with style.

To speak to a trained and authorized Duradek installer in your area about your decking needs, visit our Find a Dealer page.

Be cautious of competitors using parlour tricks that are used to distract from real issues and meaningful tests, such as Weather Testing (accelerated weathering ASTM G-90 shown below).

Vinyl Deck Weathering Tests - New clear coat vs. 40 year history
Vinyl Deck Weathering Tests – New clear coat vs. 40 year history.

40 Years in Business and not once, ever have we seen, heard about or handled a complaint about acetone!

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