Outdoor Kitchen Fundamentals

Outdoor kitchens are a feature that homeowners are increasingly interested in adding to their residential outdoor living space. Whether expansive roof decks or small ground level patios, cooking outdoors is on the top of the list for many homeowners.

Barbecue grill manufacturers are making huge advances in grilling equipment that are very functional and have features similar to interior kitchens making old table-top hibachis nearly as obsolete as cassette tapes. Deck designs that include built-in grills with counter space, refrigerators and warming drawers and now becoming common place. When it comes to outdoor cooking space, it seems that the larger the space to work with, the larger the kitchen being installed.

One fundamental outdoor kitchen design detail in which Duradek is proud to contribute allows homeowners to use their outdoor kitchens year-round. By providing a roof-grade waterproof surface on upper level decks, homeowners can enjoy the advantage of a lower level deck protected from the elements so they can cook and be out of the rain or the hot sun.

Duradek vinyl for an outdoor kitchen
Duradek provides roof grade protection above and attractive
outdoor flooring below.
Photo courtesy of Duradek Canada.

The ideal place for kitchens is under or below an existing 2nd level deck and we offer several solutions keeping the under deck dry and waterproof. The most common deck we see is wood boards on the deck surface with space between the boards. When it rains water will leak through to the lower deck, leaves and other debris fall through to the area below, or leaves and pine needles end up stuck between the boards holding moisture for a breeding ground for insects.

Duradek 60 mil vinyl deck membrane is one easy way to waterproof an elevated deck making the upper deck look great, and at the same time, keep the under deck dry.

Duradek vinyl provides complete waterproof protection with an attractive look that truly transforms deck surfaces into designer outdoor flooring. Extending the design of the interior of the home to the outdoors, Duradek helps to create outdoor living space and makes outdoor kitchens a cohesive part of the home’s design.

For a Lower Deck: If you have waterproofed the upper-deck, it is likely your under-deck will be a concrete surface. If you’re installing a new kitchen under your protected deck, you are going to want the flooring in your outdoor kitchen to look good as well….solution: Duradek.

outdoor kitchen with tile deck and Tiledek
Prefer the look of tile for your outdoor kitchen? Don’t forget to
include Tiledek under-tile waterproofing membrane below.
Photo courtesy of Duradek of Utah.

Now on both upper and lower level decks, Duradek provides the homeowners with more usable space for outdoor living and gives outdoor kitchens a polished look and the ability to be used year-round.

Prefer the look of tile? Another option Duradek presents is Tiledek under-tile waterproofing membrane. Tile deck surfaces are a popular choice for outdoor kitchens, but it is important not to overlook the critical detail of waterproofing. Many homeowners have been caught off-guard with expensive repairs because proper waterproofing consideration was not given to outdoor tile projects. You can do it right the first time with Duradek’s Tiledek membrane specifically designed for use in exterior tile assemblies.

Elevated tile deck using Tiledek under-tile waterproof membrane.
This elevated poolside deck uses Tiledek under-tile membrane
to provide roof grade waterproof protection for the kitchen below.
Photo courtesy of Duradek of Georgia.
Oudoor kitchen protected from above with Tiledek under-tile waterproof membrane.
The full outdoor kitchen below with plumbing and electrical
is totally protected from above and can be used year round.
Photo courtesy of Duradek of Georgia.

Whether you prefer the look of tile or one of the many attractive colours and patterns of Duradek vinyl membranes, outdoor kitchens get a great foundation and can be used year-round when the design includes Duradek.

Contact one of our trained and authorized Duradek installers for more information on your decking projects.

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