The Decking Industry Represented by NADRA at ICC Committee Action Hearings

The decking industry has a voice of representation with the North America Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) and right now is an important time to have that voice heard. On March 11, 2013, the International Code Council (ICC) released proposed changes to the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC).

Proposed Changes to the 2012 IRC

The ideas for these proposals come from both professionals and non-professionals in all corners of the construction industry, and the decisions made from now until fall on these proposals will directly affect what changes are made to the current codes and effectively become the resulting 2015 IRC…and what the building industry will be working under in 2016 and beyond.

If you are concerned about how these proposed changes will affect the decking industry, now is the time to review the proposals. NADRA Technical Advisor, Glen Mathewson, will represent the decking industry in Dallas at the ICC Committee Action Hearings from April 20th – 31st, where over 2,000 individual proposed changes will be reviewed.

You can view the proposed changes by selecting a pdf from the ICC code development web page link here.

NADRA member

As NADRA members, Duradek extends an invitation to all of our decking industry friends and associates to give us your feedback on the proposed changes, both positive and negative, during the next couple of weeks. We will gather all of your thoughts and insights and provide NADRA with your collective comments to consider for their official position on decking industry representation at the ICC Committee Action Hearings.

ICC Product Evaluation Reports

ICC-ES LogoICC Product Evaluation Reports are a valuable reference to ensure your building products meet the requirements set out by building codes such as the IRC. For those of us that are not technically minded and do not have a thorough understanding of what ICC codes affect the decking industry, specifically pedestrian traffic coatings, Duradek technical manager Len Viegener has put together The Anatomy of an ICC-ES Report brochure which explains how to read an ICC-ES Report, and includes a pedestrian traffic coating product comparison for what criteria has been met by various products.

Duradek is proud to be the most tested product of its kind and reminds you that All Vinyl is Not Created Equal! Duradek vinyl and Durarail Aluminum Railing Systems are tested to meet IBC and IRC Building Codes, so that you can have confidence in your deck building product selection.

If you’d like to consider using Duradek waterproof vinyl deck surfaces, you can contact a trained and authorized Duradek dealer in your area.

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