The Benefits of an Aluminum Deck Railing

Duradek has made its name in the construction industry by using quality PVC materials for over 35 years. You might wonder then, why we chose to use an aluminum railing for the Durarail system. Vinyl deck railings have been used by other manufacturers, so why not Duradek? For that matter, why choose an aluminum railing instead of an iron, or wood product?

It all comes down to the benefit to you, the customer. Vinyl railings cannot yet meet the level of quality that can be provided by aluminum. Nor can iron, steel, or wood. Aluminum has some really great qualities that make it stand out as a superior material for deck railings. Using aluminum, we can offer the best product at a reasonable price.

A Durarail Aluminum Railing is Strong

Safety should be the first concern of anyone choosing a deck railing system. Aluminum does not weaken like other materials. It is estimated that a thin aluminum pop can take at least 200 years to degrade under natural conditions. You do not need a deck railing to give way at a weak point after several years of weather and strain. Stick with a material that doesn’t wear out.

A Durarail Aluminum Railing is Virtually Maintenance Free

If your deck is covered with Duradek vinyl, you are already looking forward to the benefits of a maintenance free deck. Why ruin that with an iron or wood railing that will require constant touch-ups? Powder coated aluminum will not require sanding or repainting.

Aluminum is non-ferrous, you will not need to worry about rust or excessive corrosion throughout its lifespan.

A Durarail Aluminum Railing Looks Incredible

Looks matter. A home should show off a little of each owner’s personality. Perhaps a classic wood grain would fit the look of your home. Maybe you’d like to show a contemporary black finish on your deck, or maybe you just want the white fence and the blue door you’ve always dreamed of.

While we can’t help you out much with the blue door, Durarail comes in a versatile range of colors and patterns. Some of the wood grain finishes look unbelievable. You would need to reach out and touch it in order to believe it’s not a wood product. You really can have the wood look, without the wood maintenance.

A Durarail Aluminum Railing Provides Peace of Mind

Just like our PVC vinyl membrane, Durarail is only installed by certified industry professionals. These are the men and women that Duradek has personally trained to


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