Duradek at the AIA2012 Expo

Duradek was proud to attend the AIA 2012 convention and expo this past weekend in Washington DC. AIA stands for the American Institute of Architects, and it is here that architects, designers, suppliers, and tradespersons from across the country come together to discuss their ideas for the future. The timing could not have been better.

The United States is on a recovery path from the Great Recession it has suffered over the last few years, and the capabilities of designers are growing rapidly. This brings with it new challenges and questions. What have we learned from the hard times behind us? How can we use these lessons to help us in the future?

The theme of the AIA 2012 convention was “Design Connects”. It is the idea that every unique portion of a plan contributes to the whole. We couldn’t agree more.

Duradek has not been idle during these last few years. While other companies have struggled to keep their heads above water, Duradek has expanded its lineup to include Durarail Aluminum Railing and Fence Systems for an aluminum railing system that will not compromise the waterproofing of your existing vinyl. Duradek Tiledek solved the issue of waterproofing the substrate on tiled deck areas, and Plazadek was introduced to simplify the installation of duckboards and pavers. All of these solutions allowed designers to consider the grand scope of their design while providing a waterproof surface that would last.

These kinds of gatherings always encourage an interchange of ideas, and from this we are able to evolve not just as a company, but as an industry. Whether it’s a new product like the Durarail aluminum railing or a proposed enhancement to the existing building code, there is usually something that comes from the inspired minds at the AIA Expo. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Were you able to attend with us? Share some of your own highlights in the comments below, or send us a tweet @duradekspert.

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