Plan your Hot Tub Function and Foundation to Include Duradek

If plans for your outdoor living space include incorporating a hot tub or spa, you will be well served by considering both the foundation and the function from beginning to end to ensure you get the most ideal use of your investment. Ideally you will want to make certain it is installed for both comfort and safety while still being an attractive addition to your outdoor living space.

One of the best ways to ensure you consider all contributing factors is to first identify what you will most use your hot tub for. Then, work your way backwards so that each factor is considered early on in the planning stages.  Is your hot tub to be used primarily for entertaining guests; or is it to be used primarily by members of the household for unwinding or meditating? Is it important for you to be able to use your hot tub year round? Do you have a view that you want to be able to enjoy from your hot tub? All of these things are important to consider for where you will actually position your hot tub to best accommodate access, traffic, privacy and wind screens or overhead cover.

Hot Tub Surround by Duradek

Based on that, you can best plan for your structural needs. Professional Deck Builder Magazine online featured a fantastic article, “Getting Started with Hot Tubs” which goes into some specific detail on calculating load requirements and the structural needs your deck will require if your hot tub is to be placed on an elevated deck.

Right from the beginning planning phase, be sure to work with your contractor to ensure your plans incorporate a hot tub surround area that is attractive, durable and easy to maintain. Duradek vinyl membranes provide a walking surface that elevates your outdoor recreation areas and it is the easiest way to add some individuality and style to complement your outdoor design scheme without any labour on your part for upkeep.

Duradek vinyl membranes are perfect for your hot tub surround because:

  • Duradek is a waterproof membrane that will protect your deck and home from water infiltration keeping the structure sound and secure, even in areas where there is frequent splashing and water-logged traffic.2_170038_Hottub4cropped
  • Duradek has been tested in accordance with ICC ES Acceptance Criteria for Walking Decks and meets the requirements of AC39 for chemical-resistance, making it suitable for use around pool or hot tub areas. When you are considering coating or surfacing products for your hot tub area, this is an important detail to look at to ensure your surface will not be weakened or discoloured from contact with the chemicals required for hot tub maintenance.
  • Duradek is an attractive, low-maintenance finish that can be applied to a plywood or concrete surface around a hot tub or pool area.* Duradek only needs to be installed once and requires no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning for its lifespan, which is often expected to be well over the 15 years it is warranted for. (Unlike wood plank surrounds that require regular multi-stage maintenance to keep up their appearance;  concrete surfaces that require re-coating and will still inevitably crack; or outdoor carpet surrounds that hold onto moisture and other organic debris)
  • Duradek vinyl, particularly in a pattern that has a heavily textured surface, gives a hot tub area an element of slip resistance and is a lot more comfortable on bare feet than rough concrete or slippery, splintery wood.Duradek Hot Tub Surround
  • Duradek is available in over 20 varieties of attractive finishes that will complement most outdoor design schemes. Duradek’s most recent color additions have been selected two years in a row as one of the Best 101 New Products from Professional Remodeler magazine.

Hot tubs can be one of the most valued and luxurious residential features to have on your property. Their purpose is to serve as a place of relaxation, leisure and enjoyment – not another maintenance chore. Whether you intend to enjoy your hot tub only a portion of the year or all year round, using Duradek vinyl as the pedestrian surface around your hot tub provides an attractive surface that requires no maintenance and will last you for many years of spa-side pleasure.

See what makes Duradek a better option than other traditional methods for your outdoor living space.

Contact a Duradek Dealer near you to inquire about keeping your outdoor living space both protected and beautiful with Duradek vinyl membranes.

* Quantitative Moisture Testing is recommended before applying any coating over concrete.

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