Overload of Options Cloud Decking Decisions

When looking at deck building options, there are so many new products available that it can be a challenge to make the decision on what type of deck you should go with, let alone what supplier to choose. When you are planning your decking project, it is a good idea to be aware of what the options are, but don’t let the excitement of possibilities become the major influence on your decision over what it is you really want from your deck.

While not a new product in the marketplace, Duradek may be the proverbial ‘forest that you can’t see for the trees’ and provide the ideal decking solution you are looking for amidst the maze of options.

As Andrew Wormer, editor of Professional Deck Builder magazine said about composite decking in his article ‘Too Many Choices?’ after his visit to last year’s Deck Expo, there are “enough variations and new color options to give lumberyard owners nightmares.” This massive selection means most buyers will never even see the full collection of what is available because no one supplier can possibly stock all of the available options. And that is just the composite board category!

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Even with traditional wood decks there are more choices than ever before. At one time, only 2 or 3 species of wood was available for deck building, but today there is a myriad of choices between treated or untreated wood in various grades as well as a variety of imported hardwood varieties.

The railing category also has more options than ever before as well. Mr. Wormer mentions that in 2006 the ratio of decking to railing products for the average building products distributor was 80/20. In 2013 that ratio is 60/40.

Durarail powder coated aluminum railing as fencing around pool
Durarail powder coated aluminum railing and fencing systems are the perfect complements to Duradek to match its durability and low maintenance performance. No rust, no sanding, no staining…ever!

So given all these choices, how do you know what is the best option for your deck building or renovating project? Before even looking at budgetary considerations, first really give some thought to what you want from your deck to help you qualify the options along the way through your decision-making process.

Some Practical Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Decking Needs

Do you prefer to use your deck throughout the year as much as possible or do you only use your deck seasonally?

  • Decks protected with Duradek vinyl membranes withstand all types of climatic conditions and have been successfully installed throughout North America over the past 40 years.

Do you have or prefer a roof deck, an elevated deck or a ground level patio?

  • Duradek can be applied on untreated plywood, concrete or coated surfaces and is ideal for all outdoor living surfaces from patios to pool surrounds.

Do you have need of or use for covered outdoor living space?

  • When applied to a second level deck, Duradek provides a dry area for a covered patio below that can be used all year round. Since Duradek is a roofing membrane, rain does not have to stop you from barbecuing and your family members or guests who smoke will always have a dry place to take their habit outside.
two level deck by Duradek
Your deck space doubles with two level decks.

Do you have need of or use for dry outdoor storage space?

  • As a roofing membrane, Duradek on a second level deck provides a dry area below for storage of lawnmowers, barbecues and other outdoor items you’d like to protect from the elements.(Check out Case History #131 where Duradek enabled the area under the stairs to be transformed into an additional 100 sq. ft. of completely waterproofed storage space!)
Creative Outdoor Storage Space Waterproofed with Duradek
Creative Outdoor Storage Space Waterproofed with Duradek.

What is needed to maintain your deck?

  • When Duradek is installed, it is warranted for 10-years of waterproof protection but often has a life expectancy that far exceeds that….and requires no maintenance. Duradek is installed in a single-ply, one-time application and will only need a seasonal cleaning to stay looking good. No sanding, staining or re-coating required…ever!
Homeowner laboring on refinishing wood deck
Why labor on your place of leisure?

Now compare prices….

Remember, when looking at the cost; be sure to consider the overall lifespan of the deck and the maintenance costs required throughout that time. That is where many home owners wish they had spent a little more at the deck construction phase to get the most longevity from their deck without the need for ongoing maintenance or repairs.

It is amazing how often a home owner’s frustration at deck repairs could have been avoided by authorizing the use of recommended waterproofing details like drains, scuppers and perimeter flashing. It equates to only a small amount of the overall cost, but can extend the longevity of the deck greatly.

Duradek installers run into this problem frequently. As Winnipeg’s Duradek distributor, Mel Dueck from Windeck says, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the cheap price is forgotten.”  (Learn more about Windeck – Winnipeg Patios and Decks on YouTube).

Also, when looking at prices, be sure to compare installed costs. Where sometimes the material cost may be lower, the labor required for installation more than offsets the material savings.

Making the Decision on Your Deck

Remember, when choosing a building product, new does not always mean better. The most important thing to consider is what you want from your deck. In most cases, that can be summed up as outdoor living space for leisure that you spend more time enjoying than maintaining.

If you’d like to get some details on how Duradek can bring what you need to your decking project, contact a trained and authorized Duradek applicator in your area for a free estimate.

Roof Deck Before & After - Rehoboth Beach1

 Find out what Duradek can do for your balcony, roof deck or patio!

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