Painted Sundeck Gets Reliable Renovation – Duradek Case History #172

Project: Elevated Sundeck Renovation – Surrey, BC


The homeowners knew the surface of their deck looked less than appealing, but after a professional inspection, they realized they had bigger problems under the surface.

With only a painted surface and no other waterproof protection, it didn’t take long for the elements to compromise that ineffective barrier. This, in turn, caused the paint to chip off and create a slippery exterior which is a big safety concern.

Plywood deck with peeling paint and water damage
A painted deck surface is not even close to being waterproof protected and requires annual repainting.

Once the wood structure was exposed, the homeowners knew they needed to address the water damage on the surface before the whole deck needed to be replaced. They called their local Duradek dealer for a no-obligation onsite quote.


The solution to these accumulative and costly issues was Duradek™ waterproof vinyl deck membrane. Their local Duradek dealer, Dek-Cetera, started right away on the renovations.

First, they removed the old plywood and replaced it with ¾ʺ untreated plywood to prep for the installation of the membrane.

Duradek vinyl membrane installation on a sundeck
After carefully preparing the substrate, the professional Duradek installation includes heat welded seams creating a water-tight seal.

They decided on the colour “Heritage Agate” as a neutral choice for their exterior colour scheme. Duradek’s water-tight seal achieved with professional installation techniques around all of the perimeter edges ensures reliable, warrantied waterproof protection.

With a quick turnaround of 1 day, the couple was able to use their deck that evening and they never have to worry about re-applying waterproofing again.


With a Duradek vinyl installation, you guarantee prevention of both sun and moisture from getting to the lumber, which allows your deck to last indefinitely. This eliminates any costly structural repairs in the future, as well as time and material wasted.

Duradek Waterproofing on elevated sundeck
This elevated deck is now fully waterproofed and provides dry outdoor storage below.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #172 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after pictures.

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