Leaky Deck Problems Need Contractors Who Know Waterproofing

When homeowners have the unfortunate experience of leaky decks (particularly if the deck is over living space), they need a contractor that knows all of the intricate details of waterproofing to solve the problem and stop the water damage from invading their homes. But what if time and time again, the problem returns? That frustration extends to further areas of your life and affects much more than just the area of your home that has been invaded by water.

When you’ve hired a professional to do a job, you expect the job to be done right and the problem to be solved, not to be out-of-pocket and still left with a leaky deck. For Dave, one Bay Area homeowner, the roller-coaster of repairs on his second-floor deck was an ongoing source of frustration that spread over 15 years…and never solved the water leak problems. Or more accurately, his water leaking problems remained unsolved until he was introduced to the Duradek solution. Duradek is installed ONLY by trained and authorized installers to ensure that all of the waterproofing details are considered.

See For Yourself How Leaky Deck Problems Are Solved

See this real-life example of how a professional Duradek installer repaired the leaky deck issues and relieved the homeowner of years of ongoing stress in this YouTube video.

Duradek Dealer, Paul from Golden Gate Enterprises is a waterproofing super-hero and has been saving water damaged homes all over the San Francisco Bay area. When Paul assessed the project of saving this residence from the pervasive water issues, he was able to identify and isolate a few key details that perhaps previous contractors had overlooked. It was not simply a matter of laying the waterproof membrane and calling the job complete. To properly waterproof this second-floor perimeter deck, Paul first:

  • Raised the shingles on the deck’s interior siding
  • Raised all of the doors
  • Installed door pans
  • Installed water drains
  • Re-sloped the deck to correct angle for proper drainage

For a closer look at just one aspect of the details involved, check this short YouTube clip.

For the first time in well over a decade, the homeowner was able to enjoy an entire year without any water leaking issues! He was so happy with the job that Paul and his team at Golden Gate Enterprises did on his second-floor deck, that he called them back to do the work on his first level deck.

Leaky deck problem fixed by Duradek leaving homeowner happy

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