Home Improvement Show Featured Duradek with Mr. Fix-it on Radio 720 WGN

Home improvement expert, Lou Manfredini, better known as Mr. Fix-it on Radio 720 WGN in Chicago featured an interview with Duradek Sales Manager, Kevin MacMillan on Saturday, June 1st.

The Mr. Fix-it show is a popular call-in radio show that airs weekly on Saturdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. EST with a loyal following of listeners who keep the phone lines busy, hoping for some home improvement pearls of wisdom from Mr. Fix-it.

Listeners this week were able to hear Lou interview Duradek’s Kevin MacMillan and hear some specific questions about Duradek vinyl waterproofing membrane. As a home improvement expert, Lou had some pointed questions right off the start about the make-up of the actual product and installation details. Some of the points covered in the radio interview included:

Two-level deck with roof grade waterproof protection with Duradek
Over living space or as a second level deck requiring dry space below, Duradek guarantees waterproof peace-of-mind.
A Duradek deck in the winter.
Duradek can handle the sun or the snow, and still look beautiful.
  • Best uses for Duradek – ideal use as a walkable roofing membrane for use on decks over living space.
  • Warranty and lifecycle – 10-year waterproofing warranty (increased to a 15-year warranty in June 2019) with a 15-25 year lifecycle.
  • Substrate requirements – over plywood or concrete, Duradek can be used for nearly any deck surface that has been prepared with an adequate slope.
  • Slip-resistant properties – rain and snow are not to be feared. Duradek’s slip resistance also makes it an ideal use for pool and hot tub surrounds as well as deck surfaces.
  • Manufacturer location and history – Produced by the same North American manufacturer for nearly 50 years.
  • Where Duradek can be used / climate conditions – Duradek has been used in all North American climates from Arizona to Alaska.

In only a few minutes, Kevin was able to address these questions and more about the Duradek system of waterproofing decks and roof decks over living space. You can listen to this interview online at the Radio 720 WGN website.

Lou Manfredini aka Mr. Fix-it.
Lou Manfredini
aka Mr. Fix-it.

The Mr. Fix-it Show has been a call-in favorite in the Chicagoland area since 1995 and has developed a following with its entertaining mix of practical, useful and valuable home improvement advice. Host, Lou Manfredini, is a regular contributor to NBC’S Today Show, makes regular appearances on NBC5’s morning news and host of ‘House Smarts’, and is a contributing editor to USA Weekend Magazine’s column ‘House Smart’.

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