The Best Home Builders Choose Duradek for Their Deck Waterproofing

New home builders know the secret of successful urban developments include ensuring that the new homeowners enjoy a satisfying quality of life and often that includes an element of outdoor living space like balconies or rooftop decks.

For example, EYA who has been committed to developing innovative urban neighborhoods since 1992 has provided more than 4,000 Washington area homes in lifestyle friendly residential neighborhoods. Twice named America’s best builder, EYA is committed to sustainability and pursuing LEED certification for its homes and Duradek Midatlantic is happy to have contributed to some of these projects like Monument Place in Arlington, VA by providing Duradek waterproof deck surfaces.

Roof deck by Duradek at EYA's Monument Place
Roof deck by Duradek at Monument Place.

Duradek is a ‘green’ product and qualifies for LEED credits which can be an important consideration for builders who are committed to environmentally sound practices.

Not only is Duradek a sustainable product that often demonstrates a life cycle well past the length of its 10-year warranty (increased to a 15-year warranty in June 2019), but the homeowner benefits from its low maintenance advantages as well.

Again, EYA demonstrates that they are as committed to their customers as they are to the environment by producing a short instructional video for homeowners on how to properly clean their Duradek vinyl decks.

While Duradek does not require regular maintenance for its waterproofing function, it does need a little clean every once in a while to stay looking great. And let’s face it, when something is loved and well used there is sometimes evidence of that with spills and stains. Luckily, Duradek is an easy product to clean and the recommended cleaning products for removing some of the tougher stains are very easy to find.

So whether you are looking to buy a new home or are building a new home, keep in mind the successful example of sustainable product choices and the lifestyle friendly practices of EYA and Duradek.

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