Grey is the New Black and Other Residential Trends from 2014

Residential trends for 2014 continued to show that the demand for residential outdoor living space is on the rise as it has been for the last few years with the housing market’s slow but steady incline of recovery.

survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) showed a 97.7% popularity rating for terraces, patios and decks. This survey details a wide range of outdoor living trends but the general consensus was that people want low-maintenance design suited for entertainment and relaxation. People simply want more time to enjoy their outdoor living space and less time maintaining it.

Here’s a look at some of the top trends in outdoor living space features in 2014.

 2014 Top Trends in Outdoor Living

Grey is the New Black

The sleek, contemporary look of black residential design that featured prominently the last few years has given way to softer and more versatile greys. With homeowners embracing extending their every-day living space outwards, this residential colour trend extended to outdoor living space as well.

Professional Builder Magazine shows off Duradek’s contribution to this trend with our latest color ‘Graphite’ from the ‘Ultra Cork’ line of waterproof vinyl. The beauty of Duradek is not just that it gives your deck an attractive surface, but it also provides warrantied roof-grade waterproof protection.

Duradek's Ultra Cork Graphite as seen in Professional Builder Magazine.
Duradek’s Ultra Cork Graphite as seen in Professional Builder Magazine.

Size and Shape is Right Out of the Box

The traditional 10 x 20 foot rectangular decks have given way to expansive deck and patio areas in a variety of shapes and sizes. While the average size of decks seems to be increasing, the trend is towards multi-level structures with unique shapes that can flow and carry the design of the house out and into the landscaping.

Multi-Level Deck - Duradek
Mulit-level decks create distinct outdoor ‘rooms’.

Sustainability – Eco Friendly Design Practices

People want something cost effective, but they also want to act in environmentally conscious ways that minimize the impact on the environment at both the point of installation and with maintenance and long-term sustainability. It may surprise you that pvc membranes are considered ‘green due to their long lifecycle. The fact that PVC membranes are installed on non-treated wood also contributes to their limited environmental impact as opposed to treated wood which eventually ends up leaching chemicals into the landfills.

Duradek has a very low impact on the environment and helps Green projects with LEED points.
Duradek has a very low impact on the environment and helps Green projects with LEED points.


Outdoor lighting shone brightly in 2014, particularly with creative uses. Cleverly designed lighting systems worked into ornamental post caps, decorative balusters and outdoor furniture were significant additions to design features in outdoor living space. From expensive built-in lighting to unique, simple lights strung above a deck have replaced the old patio lantern strings and are a simple way to update your outdoor design.

Seating and Dining Areas

Not a new trend, but more popular than ever, lounging and dining areas have taken on new forms as built-in seating is incorporated into deck designs. Bigger deck space with distinct shapes or levels have opened the way for separate dining and lounging areas.

Roof Deck with Duradek Cork vinyl.
Decking trends include separate seating and dining areas.


Outdoor living areas, like a home’s interiors, are a unique expression of their character and preferences. Pergolas, walls, functional areas, planter’ boxes, storage and accessories are all ways in which homeowners expressed that individuality in 2014. Functional design is key!

Creative Outdoor Storage Space Waterproofed with Duradek
Creative Outdoor Storage Space Waterproofed with Duradek.

Outdoor Kitchens

Beyond the basic grill, complete outdoor kitchens with cooking surfaces, sinks, fridges and yes, grills are carrying on from 2013 trends and are an example of how home owners are extending their day-to-day living outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen with the waterproofing of Tiledek as it's foundation.
An outdoor kitchen with the waterproofing of Tiledek as it’s foundation.

Fire Features

Whether it is a small, lantern style accent, set within a pond, or completely built into a full exterior wall; fire features are incredibly popular and with many options available, there is a fire feature in virtually an size and shape you desire.

Durarail Panorama Post Topless Glass Railing and Duradek Espresso Vinyl on a roof deck
Durarail Panorama Post Topless Glass Railing and Duradek Espresso Vinyl.

Plan Your 2015 Deck Renovations from the Bottom Up

The most fundamental and important thing to remember when planning your deck renovation is that no matter what kind of details or features you want on your deck; it is the foundation that is critical to get right the first time.

The First and most important part of creating functional outdoor living space to meet your specific lifestyle needs is to create a safe, waterproof outdoor surface. A properly built structure that has reliable waterproof protection means that you will have a deck you can rely on for decades.

But remember, deck waterproofing is a specialized trade. To start with a good foundation,  a great way to start is to talk to your local Duradek expert.

Duradek has been waterproofing decks, balconies and roof decks for 40 years and our trained and authorized Duradek installers have access to the most up-to-date installation techniques for long-lasting, low maintenance waterproof protection. Trust your home to the waterproofing done right the first time.

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