Case History #161 – New Build Elevated Tile Deck


Providence Plantation Tile Deck –  Milton, GA


This beautiful 6,000 sq. ft. estate home in prestigious “Providence Plantation” was being built by Highland Communities homes in a North Georgia neighborhood. The owner of Highland Communities had experienced past tile deck failures several years ago before finding Tiledek as a solution to prevent water infiltration.

He found that when building large, expensive homes, owners want the look and feel of tile as an exterior deck surface. Early in 2012, he called Duradek of Georgia to install his first Tiledek project on another exclusive home in Alpharetta, GA. Once he saw the results, he has used Tiledek exclusively on all of his exterior tile deck installations.  He said, “No more inferior installations, I am sold on Tiledek“.

Newly built deck structure ready for Tiledek waterproof membrane.
Successful deck waterproofing starts with a properly prepared substrate.

Highland Communities has a mission to use only the finest materials and utilize proven and highly skilled craftsman, so true to their word, they called on Duradek of Georgia to perform this install.


As Duradek’s relationship with Highland Communities has developed, we know what to expect from each other. Highland Communities knows how to build a deck to our specifications and how the deck assembly is to be installed using 3/4 inch T&G plywood and 1/2 inch Durock as the subsurface before we install Tiledek.

Tiles being laid on the newly installed Tiledek membrane
Tiles being laid on the newly installed Tiledek membrane

Tildek’s superior waterproofing performance when installed with the techniques and details that Duradek installers are specifically educated for provides a reliable, water-tight seal. The triple heat-welded seams and proper water deflection and drainage ensures the water is routed away from the building. New tiles were laid and even if some cracking was ever to occur on those surface tiles, the Tiledek membrane will prevent water from penetrating through to the structure of the deck and compromising the building envelope.

Elevated tile deck waterproofed with Duradek Ultra Tiledek
These beautiful new tiles look fantastic, but even if age causes
some cracking in the grout or tiles, the Tiledek membrane is
still doing its job of protecting the structure from water damage.


Duradek professional installers know that every stage of an exterior tile assembly must be considered together to ensure a successful project overall.

Duradek of Georgia advised the tile setters to use a waterproof mastik and waterproof grout for best long-term results. They also advised the builders of Highland Communities to educate the homeowners to clean their deck annually and re-seal the grout for the longest life for their deck.

View or download the .pdf version of Case History #161 for the complete case history with installer details and before and after images.

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