Exterior Design Color Trends for 2021 are About Comfort and Inspiration

Exterior design trends for 2021 start with the leading color design experts. Color trends are carefully created by considering the current climate, emerging preferences, and past color performance. What a beautiful way to express where we are, where we have come from, and where we are going.  

Here is a look at 2021 color trends from four leading experts. These are the colors that we surround ourselves in to create an atmosphere where we live. To update residential outdoor spaces, we will show you the best options to combine 2021 color trends using Duradek’s stylish pallet of outdoor flooring to create an exceptional exterior design for your home. 

The always anticipated BEHR® color trends release set the tone for the serious designer and the playful design hobbyist with a diverse spectrum of shades to inspire your interior and outdoor spaces. From calm neutrals to energizing bolds, Behr focuses on “elevated comfort” and personalization.

Behr 2021 Color Trends - The Casual Comfort Palette
Behr 2021 Color Trends – The Casual Comfort Palette. Smoky White (BWC-13), Almond Wisp (PPU5-12), Sierra (N240-4), Canyon Dusk (S210-4), Modern Mocha (N150-4).

Update the exterior look of your home with BEHR warm neutrals and complementary Duradek vinyl decking. Duradek’s warm-toned woods offer a classic exterior design or choose contemporary designer patterns that bring intrigue to incorporate accent tones through your outdoor palette.

Behr 2021 Color Trends - The Calm Zone Palette
Behr 2021 Color Trends – The Calm Zone Palette. Jojoba (N390-3), Royal Orchard (PPU11-01), Jean Jacket Blue (S510-4), Dayflower (MQ3-54).

Make your outdoor living space a tranquil oasis with the Calm Zone color scheme from BEHR. These serene paints pair beautifully with Duradek’s nature-inspired Legacy, Quartz, and Forest Floor lines to create an earthy exterior space for the comfort of home. For a more monochromatic look, consider Heritage Aspen to play up those green tones.

Behr 2021 Color Trends - The Subtle Focus Palette
Behr 2021 Color Trends – The Subtle Focus Palette. Cellini Gold (HDC-CL-18), Seaside Villa (S109-1), Wishful Green (M410-2).

When choosing such soft, pretty colors for your exterior paint projects, be sure not to pull focus with a decking pattern that competes for attention. Understated textures like our Heritage Sunrise, Heritage Agate, or Classic Sandstone offer sophisticated style that will balance delicate tints; or match them with Legacy Cedarwood for a classic wood look that holds up against these pastel hues and for a timeless feel.

Quiet Haven | Rich, Moody Hues are On Trend for Exterior Design

Behr 2021 Color Trends - The Quiet Haven Palette
Behr 2021 Color Trends – The Quiet Haven Palette. Barnwood Grey (PPU24-07), Broadway (PPU18-20), Nocturne Blue (HDC-CL-28), Royal Orchard (PPU11-01).

These moody BEHR exterior paints paired with the right Duradek vinyl patterns are sure to boost your curb appeal. These deep shades deserve attractive decking patterns that are just as eye-catching, in greys and true neutrals to complete the look. Supreme Chip Granite offers a faux terrazzo style, perfect for pairing with these rich hues. Create a lush green exterior space with BEHR’s Royal Orchard and our natural looking Legacy Driftwood, or pair with a bold choice like our Quartz line.

Behr 2021 Color Trends - The Optimistic View Palette
Behr 2021 Color Trends – The Optimistic View Palette. Saffron Strands (PPU6-02), Maple Glaze (PPU3-16), Caribe (PPU13-01), Euphoric Magenta (M110-7), Kalahari Sunset (MQ1-25).

Let playful, vibrant outdoor decor shine with light neutral or natural wood-look decking. Legacy Cedarwood works with nearly any shade in this collection as a long-lasting waterproof alternative to traditional wood decking. Consider neutrals like Heritage Agate, Heritage Sunrise, or Classic Steel to accompany colorful, dominant shades.

Behr 2021 Color Trends - The Outdoor Escape Palette
Behr 2021 Color Trends – The Outdoor Escape Palette. Nocturne Blue (HDC-CL-28), Broadway (PPU18-20), Barnwood Grey (PPU24-07), Euphoric Magenta (M110-7), Maple Glaze (PPU3-16), Cellini Gold (HDC-CL-18), Voyage (PPU13-07), Dayflower (MQ3-54), Wishful Green (M410-2), Jojoba (N390-3), Almond Wisp (PPU5-12), Smoky White (BWC-13).

The Outdoor Escape palette captures the essence of the theme of the year of comfort and optimism to bring freshness to your exterior design. Cozy shades with bright, eye-catching accents for doors, shutters, and furniture pieces offer a curbside appeal the whole neighborhood will enjoy. 

This color selection is a good match with many of Duradek’s versatile color selection, with options in every pattern. Try it with the Quartz line in either Arctic or Desert, Okanagan Linen or Leather, Heritage Agate or Aspen, Forest Floor Birch or Alder.

Behr exterior color trends for 2021 with Duradek Arctic Quartz vinyl decking
Duradek Arctic Quartz is a wonderful outdoor vinyl floor option to incorporate into an exterior design with many of the 2021 color trends. It provides a nice balance against the darker or bolder exterior colors and a range of grays that continue to be popular color choices.

Get a quick look here at the Behr 2021 color trends or see a more extended clip for inspiration on Behr 2021 color trends on YouTube.

Benjamin Moore 2021 Color Palette Highlights Comfort and Inspiration

The team at Benjamin Moore® selected their 2021 colors based on what makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. These colors are all about adding a warm ambiance that wraps us in the comforts of home. 

Leading the 2021 collection is the color of the year, Aegean Teal (2136-40). This green-blue with a touch of gray is inviting and elegant. It is a well-balanced, complex color, versatile enough to combine with the balance of the 2021 color palette. 

Benjamin Moore Color Design Trends 2021
Benjamin Moore Color Trends for 2021. The full trends color palette includes Aegean Teal (2136-40), Gray Cashmere (2138-60), Atrium White (OC-145), Muslin (OC-12), Foggy Morning (2106-70), Amazon Soil (2115-30), Silhouette (AF-655), Kingsport Gray (HC-86), Beacon Hill Damask (HC-2), Chestertown Buff (HC-9), Potters Clay (1221), Rosy Peach (2089-20). Image from Benjamin Moore.

Invite Benjamin Moore to your Exterior Design Plans

These earthy colors present the opportunity to provide both harmony and contrast for exterior design when combined with Duradek’s vinyl decking. 

The Okanagan line with Flint, Leather, and Linen aligns with the more neutral base tones allowing great opportunity to create harmony with the Benjamin Moore Pallet. If you prefer the bolder colors as the primary base to accent with neutral tones, Heritage Aspen and Sienna pair well with Aegean Teal and Rosy Peach. 

Sherwin Williams Offers Choice of Sophistication or Playfulness

2021 Color of the Year from Sherwin Williams

Urbane Bronze (SQ 7048) was chosen by Sherwin Williams as their prestigious color of the year for its warm sophistication that suggests stability and calm. It is a dark, deep taupe that is brown at its core with a dark grey aspect. Urbane Bronze hints at a bit of a green undertone when in cool lighting. It is a strong, bold color, so it is best used sparingly in most cases. It is ideal for accent walls, trims, or doors.  

See detailed recommendations and pairings for the 2021 color of the year in this informative Urbane Bronze video by Sherwin Williams on YouTube

The full Sherwin Williams color forecast for 2021 is a collection of 40 trend colors organized into four palettes – Sanctuary, Encounter, Continuum, and Tapestry. 

Sanctuary, inspired by Scandinavian Design, embraces warm minimalism. For residential exteriors, neutrals like Modern Gray, Pure White, or Pearl gray gain complement from bold, earthy options like Urbane Bronze or Oakmoss.  

Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends - The Sanctuary Palette
Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends – The Sanctuary Palette. Oakmoss (SW 6180), Pure White (SW 7005), Antiquarian Brown (SW 0045), Morris Room Grey (SE 0037), Modern Gray (SW 7632), Canyon Clay (SE 6054), Urbane Bronze (SW 7048), Pearl Gray (SW 0052), Bona Fide Beige (SW 6065), Messenger Bag (SW 7740). Image by Sherwin Williams.

Encounter is a palette that inspires reflection and features warm, earthy colors to inspire a sense of self-discovery and security. Neutral and brown tones are complemented by deep blues and greens that provide anchoring colors for grounding features like doors or shutters.

Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends - The Encounter Palette
Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends – The Encounter Palette. Natural Tan (SW 7567), Hardware (SW 6172), Alabaster (SW 7008), Java (SW 6090), Blustery Sky (SW 9140), Naval (SW 6244), Rosemary (SW 6187), Jubilee (SW 6248), Tarnished Trumpet (SW 9026), Reddened Earth (SW 6053). Image by Sherwin Williams.

The Tapestry palette embraces authenticity with energetic, bright colors and bold looks. You are empowered to be free to experiment with color and express yourself with the bold collection.  

Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends - The Tapestry Palette
Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends – The Tapestry Palette. Aleutian (SW 6241), Greek Villa (SW 7551), Tricorn Black (SW 6258), Alexandrite (SW 0060), Perfect Periwinkle (SW 9065), Cape Verde (SW 6482), Embellished Blue (SW 6749), Enjoyable Yellow (SW 6666), Jovial (SW 6611), Jaipur Pink (SW 6577). Image by Sherwin Williams.

The Continuum Palette is fresh and forward-thinking with an eclectic mix of naturally inspired and naturally playful. Deep or dark blues provide a sense of wellness and are attractive for front doors or trims and complement the off-white neutrals in this collection.  

Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends - The Continuum Palette
Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends – The Continuum Palette. Swimming (SW 6764), Crushed Ice (SW 7647), Cyberspace (SW 7076), Moonraker (SW 6701), Wishful Blue (SW 6813), Commodore (SW 6524), Great Falls (SW 6495), High Reflective White (SW 7757), Limón Fresco (SW 9030), Novel Lilac (SW 6836). Image by Sherwin Williams.

No matter what options you choose from the Sherwin Williams 2021 color trends, Duradek has outdoor flooring that will complement. 

To best enjoy the bold colors of these pallets, and opt for a more neutral shade for your exterior flooring, choose from one of these neutral options from Duradek. Consider color options such as Legacy Pebble Beach, Classic Steel, Okanagan Linen, or Okanagan Flint.

See details on Sherwin Williams’ color of the year for 2021 or the full 2021 residential color collection

Pantone 2021 Color of the Year Shows the Power of Togetherness

Anyone interested in design looks to Pantone for color guidance with their well-established authority on color and professional color standards. Pantone color of the year for 2021 embraces a phrase we have come accustomed to – We are all in this together.

For 2021, Pantone selected a duo of colors as the color of the year. Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104) and Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647) create a pairing that conveys both strength and optimism. 

Pantone selected a duo of colors as the color of the year. Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104) and Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647). Image from Pantone.

Duradek’s color pallet offers a range of options in gray tones, Consider including Arctic Quartz, Cork Graphite, Legacy Driftwood, Legacy Pebble Beach, and Supreme Chip Granite. Pairing any of these options with a vibrant yellow splash brings an element of sunshine to the dependable foundation of grey. Add bright yellow to paint a door or incorporate accents like throw pillows or planters to add some positivity to stability in your color themes.

Duradek Legacy Pebble Beach vinyl decking with yellow accent furniture
Duradek’s Legacy Pebble Beach outdoor flooring is a versatile match for 2021 color trends.

See the Press Release: Pantone Reveals Color of the Year 2021

So many shades from leading color experts for your outdoor escape deserve reliable, attractive decking to match! Duradek vinyl patterns come in a wide variety of colors to complement any exterior space. No matter what color you decorate with, waterproof protection is always in style.

If your exterior color choices lean towards the gray tones, you may like one of our top gray shades to stay within that theme.

To match brown-based hues, we have an excellent selection of brown, beige, and taupe options.

If your tastes lean towards the nature-inspired, Duradek has the best designer patterns in outdoor vinyl flooring. Choose from the naturally inspired Legacy line, Cork Line, or Forest Floor line.

Picture Your 2021 Exterior Design Before You Begin

With so many excellent options to choose from for 2021, it can be a challenge to make a decision. If you would like a visual tool to assist you in your exterior design, check out Dek-Vision

Dek-Vision is Duradek’s online deck makeover tool that helps you with your deck design decisions. An online color selector is never an exact match on a monitor to what the actual paint or vinyl decking colors look like in natural light. However, a visualizer is an excellent way to get an idea of color combinations and narrow down your options. 

Virtual Deck Makeover Tool - Dek-Vision
Dek-Vision is a free online tool to help you with your exterior design plans.

Choose from all 26 Duradek vinyl colors, eight railing colors, and an excellent selection of exterior wall textures and colors. You can quickly try out options on pre-loaded images or upload a photo of the deck or patio at your home to get a realistic visualization. You can access Dek-Vision with some helpful tips here. Have fun!

Ready for Your Exterior Design Project for 2021?

When you are ready to move forward with your exterior design project, keep these tips in mind.

Remember that natural light and surrounding colors affect the appearance of vinyl decking colors.

More importantly, reliable waterproof protection for your home is a more significant factor than color in the long run.

Be sure to request a physical sample from a Duradek applicator near you and request a free, no-obligation consultation on our waterproof decking.

We hope you have fun with your exterior design projects for 2021.

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