Emerald Isle a Step Ahead with Deck Safety

Peak decking season is just arriving but one North Carolina Community is a step ahead when it comes to deck safety.

In the last several months, at least 150 decks have undergone repairs in the coastal community of Emerald Isle following several classes and meetings that the town held regarding deck inspection and repairs.

This is the result of two devastating deck collapse incidents in the summer of 2015. You may recall our story “Coast to Coast Collapses Show Decks Affected by Elements” that discussed the tragic deck collapse incidents of the summer including the incident in Emerald Isle last Independence Day that sent 26 family members plummeting to the ground.

NADRA Deck Safety Ambassadors As members of the North America Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) and 2015 Deck Safety Ambassadors, Duradek know that our business of deck waterproofing is a critical element in deck safety and try to do our part to ensure homeowners and property managers understand the necessity of annual deck inspections.

The citizens of Emerald Isle certainly got that message and have taken it upon themselves to ensure those inspections take place. While the town of Emerald Isle cannot require inspections be done annually, the property management companies and homeowners stepped up to require it themselves. This commendable action speaks volumes to the community and the message that safety comes first.

According to WITN News, even with the expense required to keep the decks in top shape, the seven rental companies in Emerald Isle require the decks on their properties to be inspected every year and if it found to need repairs, the companies will not allow the property to be rented until the repairs are made.

Hopefully, others will follow their lead and make annual deck inspections a priority. NADRA offers free deck inspection resources for homeowners and building inspectors to aid in deck inspections. Watch for more information as NADRA promotes their deck safety initiative “Check Your Deck” /Deck Safety Month” in May to spread the word about the importance of deck safety.

Deck Safety Made Easy with Waterproof Protection

Most times, when decks collapse, they are decks that were originally built to code. Often the cause of deck collapse can be tracked to the vulnerable point where the deck is connected to the building. Many times it is not a fault of the fasteners, but because wood rot has weakened to wood to the point where it cannot hold the fasteners in place any longer.

Protecting your deck from water damage is one of the most effective ways to prevent a vulnerable structure. The best way to do that is with a waterproofing system that takes the entire building envelope into consideration (and does not require expensive or time-consuming annual maintenance).

Duradek vinyl decks are installed exclusively by trained and authorized contractors that are familiar with the intricacies of waterproofing details to protect the building, not just the deck. Duradek is installed in a manner that envelops the deck surface in a water-tight seal and routes water away from areas of vulnerability.

The beauty of the Duradek system of waterproofing is that it completes 3 major decking objectives in one product solution:

Elevated Deck and protected patio
Skilled installers from Duradek of Georgia ensured the details were done right.

Duradek is reliable. Once Duradek is installed, it keeps doing its waterproofing job for decades. While warrantied for 10 years*, we often see homeowners with Duradek that is 20-30 years old, and only being replaced for aesthetic reasons. Speaking of which…

Duradek is attractive. It is a waterproofing product first – but it is an attractive one. The surface of the vinyl membrane comes in an excellent selection of colours and patterns that take into account the desire for style in outdoor living space.

Duradek is low-maintenance. Unlike many deck surface options, Duradek requires no additional maintenance to keep doing its waterproofing job, and just seasonal cleaning keeps it looking great. There is no sanding, no staining, no re-coating needed. Plus, when it is installed it can be used immediately… there is no drying or curing time required so no lengthy shutdowns or delays of enjoying the deck.

Plus the additional advantage…

Duradek is a roofing approved membrane, so whether over living space or elevated over a patio area, Duradek keeps it dry below.

If you’d like to speak to a Duradek expert in your area, make arrangements for a free estimate as soon as you can so you have as much as your summer as possible to enjoy your deck.

 * When this post was first published, Duradek’s waterproofing warranty was 10 years. Due to ongoing performance longevity, Duradek has increased its waterproofing warranty to 15 years. 

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