New Deck Building Products Can’t Beat Proven Performance

Proven product performance beats ‘new’ every time when it comes to choosing the most reliable building products.

Sure, we all get excited over something new…especially if it promises better performance, environmental advantages or cost savings; but it is important to remember that until a product has actually demonstrated it performs over time in its actual application, its performance claims are only hypothetical.

Do you want your project and investment to be the test subject for a fledgling product’s growing pains?

How long a company has been in business and producing a product that is being successfully used is a very important indicator in measuring the product’s ability to perform for your projects.

New Isn’t Better for Clear Top Coated Vinyl Membranes

While Duradek has led the way by pioneering vinyl deck membranes, other manufacturers have tried to gain market share by developing technologies that just are not quite there yet. One brand was touting a scuff-resistant clear top layer. Knowing from our own experience (all vinyl can scuff with effort) and watching others try it over the years (all clear coats ‘yellow’), Duradek was not convinced of these product claims and did a little material testing to see how this new product would stand up against Duradek in UV exposure. The results were pretty much what we expected.

(Side Note: we have recently heard rumors that this product’s clear top coat is no longer on the market and their product also scuffs).

Accelerated UV exposure testing comparing Duradek with a vinyl that advertised a clear top coat layer to prevent scuffing.
Accelerated UV exposure testing comparing Duradek with a vinyl that advertised a clear top coat layer to prevent scuffing.

New Isn’t Better with High-Tech Timber for Decks

A novel product making claims of being ecologically friendly and resist rotting did not live up to its performance promises. An alleged glass-infused timber introduced by TimberSIL made bold claims stating “an effective barrier in lumber to rot, decay and common wood problems without using toxic ingredients” and was touted to last 40 years, but failures became evident in a fraction of that time. Additionally, it was discovered and subsequently confirmed by a consultant that the product does not adhere to paint. Now there is a class action lawsuit in play, which brings to mind the techno-timber predecessor, composite decking.

New Wasn’t Better with Composite Decking

Today, composite decking is a significant category in deck building products, but it has taken over a decade along a long, bumpy road for it to mature where it is today, and will likely still see a lot of advances in manufacturing before it reaches a reliable, mature state. Through the early days, composite decking manufacturers came and went as the product failed and companies shut down or traded hands. Add to that the class action lawsuits filed for failed composite deck boards provide an argument in itself to wait until a product has gone through its growing pains before using it for your own projects.

Stairs and landing in Duradek, bordered with Wolf - by Windeck
Composite decking has come a long way since the 90’s, and can make a nice detail addition to Duradek waterproof decks. Photo by Windeck.

What’s Wrong with What’s New?

We are not saying all new products will fail. But we are saying that until a product has been successfully used through at least one or more durations of it warranty terms, it is a big gamble.
For products as critical as waterproofing that protect the entire building envelope, would you want to take that chance?

Duradek pvc sheet membranes have been successfully waterproofing decks for over 4 decades – that’s 4 complete warranty cycles! We know without any doubt that Duradek performs as intended. So, when it comes to your decking and flat roof deck projects, trust the proven performance of Duradek for reliable waterproof protection.

It’s pretty tempting to be seduced by the thrill of something ‘new’, but with building products, tried-and-true is the only way to be sure your product selection will perform as intended.

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