Duradek Displays Beautiful Decks on the NADRA Gallery

Duradek, the leader in waterproof vinyl decking, became a proud member of NADRA, the North America Deck and Railing Association this spring. (For detailed information, read the Duradek Way Blog from April 30th, 2012 “Duradek Proud Member of NADRA”

NADRA is the voice of the Deck and Railing industry and while it offers many resources for industry members, NADRA has a strong consumer focus and has a great selection of decking information for homeowners. Information on building materials, locating deck builders, and information on deck safety are all available at the click of your mouse. There is also access to a variety of decking news such as new products or styles like the announcement of the new Duradek Ultra Forest Floor Alder that was released this summer.

 NADRA Photo Galley - Duradek Deck Image

A Duradek Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

One of the best features of NADRA’s website is their excellent photo gallery which presents decking images in a variety of categories. Duradek has representation in several of the deck and railing sections since Duradek vinyl can be used for so many outdoor living applications and Durarail powder coated aluminum railing systems have the design flexibility to match your particular style preferences. If you are looking for deck and railing ideas, you can view Duradek and Durarail images via NADRA’s online photo albums in the following categories:

Deck Categories

Duradek Vinyl deck and railings by Durarail
Duradek Vinyl and Durarail Railings can make your outdoor living space
your own little oasis!



NADRA Check Your Deck - Deck Safety ProgramBefore you build or renovate your deck, do your homework on the NADRA website to ensure you are armed with all the information you need on deck safety and options for the type of deck you decide to build or renovate.



Duradek’s professional waterproofing installations are not restricted to the Duradek Ultra vinyl membranes. You can enjoy the look of outdoor tile or concrete pavers while still benefiting from the superior waterproofing performance of Duradek by using Tiledek as an under tile waterproof membrane or Plazadek as a waterproof membrane under concrete pavers or duckboards. Nearly any type of deck you desire can be waterproofed by Duradek.

If you have decided on the low maintenance advantages of waterpoofing your deck with a PVC membrane, remember that all vinyl is not created equal, and that when it comes to waterproofing, it is all in the details. Trust your waterproofing projects to the waterproofing experts like the trained professional installers of Duradek vinyl membranes.

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